all bout me mb123

hi this is my second quiz by mb123!time tk fill in blanks...shvhehchvjrjcjcjcjdjdjxjcjdhdjcjcjejdjndjfhgivifhfhd.djejdjcjjfncjcjchdjdjcjcjrnvlhchrjdjcj

it is a quiz all about me and budget cuties Ricky Grimm tim.chejjcjcjfjcjfjkekckckfjenvigirjdjfjcjf.zjdjdjcjfjdjdkfjcjdjdj.and the black eyed peas!turn up the stereo la la!sorry i love that song!cjenxjxjhxjje

Created by: mb123

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  1. i tell u stuff about myself. capese?
  2. i live in NC and I am 9.have any thoughts?
  3. I've been bullied before and it frightens me that I would only have 1 or 2 bffs that would help me.any less additional thoughts?
  4. you'd be surprised that I really love xxubit,wolfygirl,and especially firey soul!
  5. have u seen my new quiz kisses part one? because you'll find it entertaining... maybe. hehehe!
  6. i really wish firey soul could read my other quiz which I thought was good as google!
  7. i love winx dolls,house,of Payne,full house, and gtq. it is obvious that i love gtq.pump it is the only song that i luv from black eyed peas.
  8. and kinda luv kesha too. my favourite song is give ur heart a break!
  9. and another great detail,the person who made the Let It Shine quiz is my cousin!
  10. oh and Sayonara suckers! haha! whooo!
  11. and i love my dog danny! when we got him he was a little pup!

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