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Hello great people! We chose this topic about the Victoria and Albert museum because the other topics were already taken. We're very glad you chose to take this quiz. Quiz kiss kiss!

The Victoria and Albert museum is an ancient but beautiful museum. It has a lot to offer you, you will be suprised.. If you want to know more, take this quiz and go to London! Have fun!

Created by: Victoria and Albert

  1. What is the Victoria and Albert Museum about?
  2. Who can join the "World Beach Project?
  3. Who is Charles Dickens?
  4. How much does the V&A magazine cost?
  5. Which collection is not available in the museum?
  6. What is the exhibition from the 19th March till the 29th August about?
  7. A papier-mí¢ché demon faced dance mask with gold and painted mirror work, which country is it from?
  8. What are the cloakrooms for?
  9. Which room is the Toshiba Gallery?
  10. How many levels are there?

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