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Charles Dickens is known as a quintessential Victorian author. He wrote many well known books such as Great Expectations, David Copperfield, A Christmas Carol, etc.

Is Charles Dickens one of your favorite authors? Take this quiz now to test your knowledge on how much you really know about his life and literature. Good luck!

Created by: Valerie
  1. When was Charles Dickens born?
  2. Which quote was from a Charles Dickens' novel?
  3. Which is not one of Dickens' novels?
  4. What name did Dickens use as an early alias?
  5. What was the name of the woman he married?
  6. Where is Charles Dickens buried?
  7. How old was Dickens when he was sent to work in a factory?
  8. Which is not a character in a Charles Dickens' novel?
  9. Where was Charles Dickens born?
  10. Why was Charles forced to work as a child?
  11. How many children did Dickens have?
  12. Charles Dickens was interested in the paranormal. Which club was he a part of?
  13. How many novels did Dickens write?
  14. Dickens had a pet named Grip. What type of animal was it?
  15. Which book did Dickens begin but never complete?

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