Advanced Tomodachi Life quiz!!

Do you have Tomodachi Life for the 3DS? It's a life simulator and has a great sense of humour. But Tomodachi Life has its quirks, so people could turn the game down.

But do you know Tomodachi Life well? Are you better than others? Test your knowledge and complete the 10 questions. In just a minute you can find out!!

Created by: DarkMario235

  1. How much does Caviar cost?
  2. Where is the Afternoon Market held?
  3. What does the Boy Appeal Ranking explain?
  4. What's the name of the place where you sell treasures?
  5. What's the event held at the Observation Tower?
  6. What do you buy at the Afternoon Market?
  7. How many love/friendship results do you need to see in the Compatibility Tester to unlock the Friendship/Love ranking?
  8. Which personality group does "Carer" come from?
  9. How many rooms are in the first grade Mii Apartments?
  10. Thanks for taking the quiz! Please rate and comment!

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