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  • Adopt An Imaginary Friend
    Your Result: Neon 93%

    Congratulati ons! You got Neon, the Panda! Neon is, of course, neon-colored all over! Her exact colors change with her mood! Her favorite color is neon pink and she enjoys shopping and hanging out with her friends! Neon was created by a girl who just wanted to express herself in any way she could! Neon couldn't stand the girl's boyfriend, though, and left. One crucial thought has always bothered her, however: Beyond all the bright colors and mascara, is there really anything underneath? But then she says "Whatever!" She know's she'll have a totally awesome time with you!

    Aww! So sweet! I hope my imaginary pet wolf, boy, will like her. He is so adorable, he was the runt, the smallest of the pack, and he was accidentally abandoned by the elders in a big snow storm. He then came to me. You see, my theory is, when an imaginary friend or pet comes to us, it's because it is the spirit of what they were before. They are lonely and need a friend, so they come to children, who accept them for who they are and play with them. So, in other words, they die, get lonely, and come to us. So, yea. He is VERY scrawny, and small, his fur is missing in spots, and because of these things, he has a HUGE appetite, but, in that case, he is just like me. The appetite part, I mean. We both eat ALOT. Anyway, he was just a pup. There was a huge snowstorm, and the elders of his pack were to watch the puppies. The alpha was specific: make sure EVERY SINGLE PUPPY WAS SAFE! It shouldn't have been too hard, there were only a couple puppies. But the snow storm just kept getting worse, and by the time the others had come back to say they had found a safe cave, they were lucky they had been able to find the elders with the pups again. Several wolf packs had been forced to share hiding spaces, caves, abandoned burrows, anything they could find. So when they set off, the newest of the pups was easy to lose. The

    • Ooo good luck with him! I got neons to - my first ibff!

  • Indie my adopted Tabby, somewhat battered, malnurished tho a still cool cat; came to me via a Russian cargo ship anchored @ the Philly docks. I was unloading the hold & Indie leapt onto my forklift. Took Indie to the vet, all is well. My wife loves Indie, his favorite food? Cheese Doodles! Best not open a bag near Indie, he will be begging in no time!

  • I got Jeffery and we have so much in common! My favorite color is forest green and my fav food is peanut butter!! I am also really shy. We shall be the bestest of friends.

  • Great idea, awful questions, so-so results. Sorry! I'm sure you'll do better next time

    Bloodred Cherry
  • i don wanna say this.. but my pride tells me i must..

    d only reason bill cows---z is alive is cuz my luv for adam lambert is larger than life.. no offense meant i had to say it

    anyways d idea was really nice

  • It was fun I got neon but can someone tell me who kiwi is? I would love her bc I love her name!

  • I got Neon 92%. Not sure if satisfied...

    Sophie G
  • i got reaper we are planning now to scare my enemy also she loves me what do i do

  • NEON...
    ermm...ok. ..


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