Academy Awards Test

You don't know the Oscars at all, Javier Bardem is the greatest Best Supporting Actor winner of all-time, Martin Scorsese has been shunned his entire career. Leonardo DiCaprio totally deserves an Oscar, i mean c'mon Academy, are you guys high! If you got low grades, you think you know the Oscars, but you don't. Either that or your a loser, stoner or am idiot. If you got high grades, you either know the Oscars extremly well, or you cheated.

I don't know what to write for a second paragraph, but i am just going to type my mind. I saw Watchmen last night, pretty decent flick, not as good as it could have been but hey... it was deemed unfilmable. I think Alan Moore's vision sucks and Zack Snyder's is better, 300 and Dawn Of The Dead were great films and i can't wait for the lesbian fantast flick Sucker Punch starring Amanda Seyfried, Vanessa Hudgens, Abbie Cornish, should be great!

Created by: Mike

  1. Who played the older version of Jamal in Slumdog Millionaire?
  2. What movie did Martin Scorsese win Best Director for?
  3. How many Oscars was Heath Ledger nominated for during his short-lived career?
  4. Kate Winslet won Best Actress for what movie?
  5. What movie won Best Picture in 2007?
  6. Which actor hasn't won an Oscar?
  7. What movie didn't win Best Picture?
  8. What movie did Angelina Jolie win an Oscar for?
  9. Has Brad Pitt ever won an Oscar?
  10. What movie did David Fincher win an Oscar for?
  11. Which actor didn't win a post-humous Oscar
  12. What Best Picture winner, has the highest Box Office income?
  13. Joe Pesci won an Oscar for what movie?
  14. How many Oscars has Sean Penn won?
  15. Who won Best Actor for his portrayal as a gay man?
  16. How many Oscars did Slumdog Millionaire take home?
  17. What song won Best Original Song in 2008?
  18. How many Oscar ceremonies has their been?
  19. Mickey Rourke has never...
  20. What is the only sequel to ever win Best Picture?
  21. Has Robert De Niro ever won an Oscar?
  22. Which director has won the most Best Director awards?
  23. Billy Wilder has won
  24. Mr. Deeds Goes to Town did win at least one Oscar.
  25. Silence Of The Lambs won Best Picture
  26. Francis Ford Coppola has won 7 Oscars
  27. The Godfather won 5 Oscars
  28. Meryl Streep has only won two Oscars
  29. Meryl Streep has been nominated for 14 Oscars
  30. The Reader won at least one Oscar at the 2008 Oscars
  31. Frost/Nixon won at least one Oscar at the 2008 Oscars

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