The Crazy Academy big quiz

We are holding an online quiz so you can see how sharp you are at general knowlage! We hope you enjoy this fun, yet complex quiz! By the way there are a few difficult questions so be careful! It isn't all just a cherry on top!

Let's just find out if you have the brains to beat the quiz! The Crazy Academy would be so happy if you would take part. Especially as it will AFFECT YOUR MEMBERSHIP! If you already have 5 points you'll move to the OPEN CLASS!!!!!!!

Created by: Conor of Crazy Academy
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  1. When was the crazy academy established?
  2. How many members did we have on 6th of Feb 2008?
  3. Who is our leader?
  4. Who would be the main character in 'The Simpsons'?
  5. Which company is planning to buy 'YAHOO!' Search engine?
  6. Who partners with us?
  7. Where did Tamagotchi first become live?
  8. Who won the X Factor of 2007?
  9. Who is the artist of the song 'Now you're gone'?
  10. Who makes 'Love Hearts' candy?

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