How crazy are you?

i am 100% crazy... take my quiz to find out just how crazy YOU are... but don't be discouraged if your result isn't what you expected... not all people are meant to be crazy... if your result is high when you wanted it to be low... then remember...this is only a quiz...

this quiz is really fun... well for me at least... but this is my first quiz i have ever created... so don't judge me!and i really hope you are happyy with the results... and also with the questions...

Created by: Delilah
  1. Do you regularly say random things in a conversation?
  2. do people tell you that you are crazy?
  3. the sky is blue because...
  4. do you do crazy things? (e.g. run down the 'up' esculator)
  5. your favourite colour is...
  6. do you like to use exclamation marks?
  7. do people tell you thet you scare them?
  8. do you like taking quizzes?
  9. do you like to be an individual?
  10. do you randomly start running?

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Quiz topic: How crazy am I?