A warrior's battle (part 2)

READ PLEASE: yay finally typed this it's so cold in here! So the next one might take longer because of me and my stupid brain making things more complicated that it actually is. So here are some descriptions and Well enjoy the quiz!

Marth: black hair,emerald green eyes,pale skin,he can turn invisible,feel your emotions and change them,he also has snakebites. He is quiet but when he's mad he stays mad. Matt: his natural hair color is red but he dyed his hair dirty blond,he has grey eyes. He can turn into any animal he want to. He can be very sensitive and very protective at times Felix:black and brown hair,light blue eyes. He's a healer. He can be mad and takes his anger out on other people. Skyler: hazel eyes that turn scarlet (the color) when he turns into his tiger form. He has short brown hair with deep red streak and it's styled in a messy way. He's tall and has a British accent. He can read minds and turn into a white tiger. Esmeralda:white blond hair,blueish-greenish eyes pale white skin.she is a warrior,turns invisible,and controls the element of water Scarlet: dark red hair,pale skin,purple eyes that turn red. Shes a vampire,warrior, and controls the element of grass Jade: red hair,black eyes that turn orange when mad,and she controls the element of fire

Created by: xxemogirlxx111

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  1. RECAP!: so you went into the temple of peace and found everyone. You also discovered a hidden underground room, you all enter the room and see a door. Marth grabs a torch,(which jade lit) from one side of the door,he opens the door and you all walk inside.
  2. "it's dark"says scarlet "[sarcasm]naw it's so bright!"says Felix "shut up!"says scarlet "hey theres a door right there!"says skyler "too tiered to run"says jade "fine then we'll just walk"says Marth "I want to open the door"says Matt as he runs towards the large steel door "Matt hold up!"says skyler "fine"says Matt. You all reach the door, "now?"asks Matt "yes" says scarlet. Matt turns the handle and pushes the door, and you all enter the room
  3. In the room the walls are dark blue, almost black,and the floor is black. Matt walks to the center of the room. "there's nothing"says skyler "there has to be something!"says felix "let's go back maybe we missed something"says Matt as he starts walking back to the door you just came in. The door slams shut and a large group of men dressed in black suddenly appear and surround you all, the men wear black masks and hold shields that have a pair of dark grey wings carved on the front. You notice that one guy out of the manny that surround you isn't wearing a mask or the same plain black uniform that the others are. Instead he is wearing a Dark red shirt, a black belt,black pants,and a black trench coat (like the kind anime guys wear). He has amber eyes, blond bangs,and dark brown hair, he looks like he's around you age, well what you think you age is, so around 16-18 years old.
  4. "well hello scarlet, long time no see, looking for this"says the amber eyed guy as he waves a light brown paper bag in the air. "give it to us or die Alexander!"shouts Marth "first off that isn't a good way to greet a friend, and second I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to scarlet"says Alexander "Alexander why don't you just give us the map so that you can go back to that cave you call a home and while your at it why don't you do me a favor and DIE!"says scarlet, Alexander smirks "why so harsh scarlie, what ever to you not being able to live without me?"says Alexander "I thought you got the hint when tried to kill you, I DON'T LOVE YOU I HATE YOU!"screams scarlet
  5. You see tears forming in Alexander's eyes, *I wonder what happened between Alexander and scarlet?, I'm guessing that Alexander is the leader of these people who surround us, but I wonder why hasn't Alexander ordered then to attack us, what does he want?*. "...you love me, you have to love me,scarlet join me and we can be together, forever,"says Alexander "NO, I will never join you, I'd rather die than join the shadows!"screams scarlet "then says goodbye to you map, your only hope!"says Alexander as he is about to rip the map in half. "NO!"screams scarlet "then join me"says Alexander "only if you give them the map"says scarlet,while pointing at her brothers. "alright then,they can't all get along without you anyway!, you know this yet you trust them anyway!, strange but under these conditions there is little risk so fine then I'll give them the map"says Alexander.
  6. "scarlet don't, we can all look for the temple without the map"whispers Matt "it would take too long and we don't have time to go looking all around the kingdom"whispers scarlet "we said that we would always stay united"whispers skyler "we've been separated for a year"whispers scarlet "Zelka I'm not letting you do this!"says skyler as he grabs scarlet and hugs her tightly "let go of me skyler"whispers scarlet "skyler don't listen to her,and scarlet why do you insist on going when you don't love him?" whispers Marth "maybe I still do"whispers scarlet "but he's a shadow, he's the son of the king of shadows"says Felix "I know,but I swear I won't help him or the shadows!"says scarlet "I'm getting impatient!"says Alexander "skyler just let her go, it's for the best,we get the map, and scarlet gets what she wants"whispers jade. Skyler letg go of scarlet "scarlet why are you really doing this?,for the map or to be with Alexander?"you whisper "...I don't know"says scarlet "HURRY UP"screams Alexander. "...bye" says scarlet "when the comes to till Alexander, will you try to save him or held us?"asks Marth "help you of course, I care mire about my brothers and what we are fighting for then Alexander and his undisciplined army"says scarlet "alright then, scarlet I'm going with you but only to get the map"says Marth, scarlet nods.
  7. The group of shadow surroung you all move out the way making a path from where you all are to were Alexander is standing. Both Marth and Scarlet walk towards Alexander, the shadows stareat them as walk, holding thier weapons and aiming in case they try anything. "Alexander give me the map first"demands Marth "if I gave you the map first you would just run away with scarlet"says Alexander "If I gave you scarlet first, you would only disappear with the map"says Marth
  8. "just give him the map first" says scarlet "alright then"says Alexander as he hands a brown piece of paper to Marth. "I said that I would give you the map and I did, but I never said that I wouldent fight you for it, or to be more specific, they will fight you for it"says Alexander as he point to the group of shadows surrounding you, "that's not fair!"says scarlet. Alexander quickly grabs Scarlet's hand and the both disappear. "what now?!"you ask "kill them all and show no mercy"says Felix "what about Marth?!"asks Matt as he looks at Marth who is still standing on the other side of the room. "well um... MATT transform into a bird and fly over to him!"says skyler,Matt nods and turns into a pigeon and flys until he reaches Marth. Skyler turns into his tiger form,Matt turns into a cheata, jade's eyes have turned orane and she has a fire ball in her hand,and you have a ball of water in each of your hands. "um what am I going to do?, all I can do is heal people"says Felix "skyler protect Felix"you say and skyler roars in agreement.
  9. Arrows start flying towards everyone and you throw the arrows back were they came from using you mind, but as more arrows kept flying everywere it became more difficult to move them all out of the way. Some of the shadows charged towards you, when they got close enough you froze them. Skyler protected Felix and killed the shadows when they wee close enough. But Felix had to constantly remind remind skyler that they were fighting not eating.
  10. Jade fought her way past the shadows to reach Marth and Matt and helped protect Marth and the map. Marth turned invisible and found a bow and some arrows and tried aiming them at the shadows,eventually he was worn out since it took a lot of energy to concentrate on aiming arrows and being invisible at the same time. Matt ran and killed a few charging soldiers. When it was all over everyone walked towards the door. The small area around the door was the only place without much blood. You stare at the mess you all created,on the walls are rivers of blood that drop down to the floor,dead bodies lay on the floor,puddles of dark red blood cover the floor, and the smell makes you want to throw up. Everyone is covered in bloo exept Marth and Felix. Skyler's white and bright red fur is now completely red from the soldier's blood. Matt's bright orange and black spotted fur is also stained completely with blood. Jade's face has some blood on it since one of the soldiers cut her face with a sword, and Felix was healing the cut. Your face has a bit of blood an it since sometimes the blood squirted on your face. "let's go"says Marth showing no emotion, "so we're just going to leave them here!"you say "well I'm not going to stay here and clean everything up"says jade "let's go now!"says Marth "but what about them!"you say and point to the dead bodies covering the floor. "they made their choice and decided to fight with the shadows instead of fighting against them,they don't deserve to appear a proper burial, besides we don't have time!"says Felix "fine"you say as you open the large steel door and walk out. Once you reach the ladder you all climb up in silence and then open the front door and leave

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