A Transport Quiz

Ah, transport, we all use it in one form or another but what do people really know about it. Who's a novice, who has experience, and who is a transport boffin?

Are you a transport boffin? Lets find out... give this quiz ago and see what score you get when it comes to all things transport. Just give it your best.

Created by: Azif Ucan
  1. Which one of these is in New York?
  2. What mode of transport is used in the Channel Tunnel?
  3. What is the Westway?
  4. Which of these cities doesn't have an underground railway system?
  5. What is the Orient Express?
  6. How do people access the Isle of Skye from mainland Scotland?
  7. What does a green traffic light mean?
  8. What is the maximum speed limit on UK roads?
  9. The Severn Bridge connects England with...
  10. Which passenger plane flew faster than the speed of sound?
  11. Brooklyn Bridge connects Brooklyn with...
  12. Harley Davidson is a well known brand of...
  13. Which one of these cities doesn't have an underground railway system?
  14. The story is called Around The World In...
  15. Which side of the road do they drive on in Italy?
  16. What color are the taxicabs in New York City?
  17. What do Londoners call the London Underground?
  18. In which year did a human first set foot on the Moon?
  19. In which city is the Rotherhithe Tunnel?
  20. Which animals have been found most useful in carrying people and baggage across deserts?
  21. Which city is most known for having red buses?
  22. In which city is the Clifton Suspension Bridge?
  23. What type of transport is involved in an investigation in the film Sully?
  24. Tour de France is a...
  25. On roads in Canada speed limits are in...
  26. Which river does Vauxhall Bridge cross?
  27. On which side of the road do they drive on in Jamaica?
  28. What form of transport are canals most used by?
  29. In which craft did Noah, his family, and many animals and birds, survive The Flood?
  30. What is an escalator?
  31. In which country is the Medway Tunnel?
  32. Which motorway enters Norfolk?
  33. Where is the Golden Gate Bridge?
  34. When traveling on public transport you pay a...
  35. In which country is the Panama Canal?
  36. In which city must someone do The Knowledge before becoming a cabbie?
  37. What is the purpose of a hard shoulder on a motorway?
  38. What must you not do on a Red Route? (road designation in London)
  39. What do Gallows Corner and Polish War Memorial have in common?
  40. Why isn't the M25 motorway a complete circuit around London?
  41. What is Thameslink?
  42. In which country are there no passenger railways?
  43. In which country was the TV show Flying Doctors set?
  44. What is a bahnhoff?
  45. Which one of these cities does have an underground railway system?
  46. On what form of transport did Rosa Parks get into trouble?
  47. What do autobahn, autoroute, and autostrada have in common?
  48. What is a penny-farthing?

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