a story of a nice but unlucky girl!pt.2

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what will happen after sara met jake?is he sara's enemy or best friend?what does people think about jake?is jake cool or boring?what will sara do after she met jake?does she love him or hate him?

wanna know the answer of these questions?if your answer is yes,then take this quiz now!!hope you like it!i know it'll be boring but it's good for wasting time!:D

Created by: dragon

  1. "sara...nice name!"he said when the class finshed."yeah,i like my name."she said.she thought:"jake's nice.."you were thinking suddenly someone tuff came and pushed jake:"sup jake joke?finally found your self a girlfriend?"
  2. "leave me alone!"jake shouted to the boy."leave me alone..fine!"the boy said and he pushed jake again.jake fell down and his glasses broked.
  3. "are you okay?"she told jake and help him to stand up."yeah,i guess.." he said."stupid big boy!"she said. "don't bother yourself."jake said."it's usual for me.."
  4. "what do you mean USUAL!?"she said."it means that everyone,everytime do this to me..you're my firse friend.."he said."but,if you don't want you can leave me cause people will laugh at you too.."
  5. "why!?"sara asked."cause we'll say "joky has a giiirrrlllfrieennnddd"!"a nice voice came from the back.she turns around and see a girl with a long, nice,blonde hair."oh,hi lola"jake said."eeww!!how dare you talk to a girl like me!?"she said.
  6. "it's better for you to not be with joky!cause..."lola said.sara thought that now lola will say:"cause you're better than him and you deserve to have better friends."but..
  7. "-you're uglier than him and you should have uglier friends!!"she laughed and left.
  8. the rest of the day went the same as the first hour!everyone were laughing at sara and jake!
  9. sara thought:"why they're laughing at me?is it cause i'm walking with jake!?"she realy wanted to be like lola!she wanted to be nice and famous!
  10. at home,she thought:"if i won't be with jake,i'll be populer and i'll have lots of frieds but if i want stuck with him,i'll be me forevery and everyone will laugh at me!i want to have lots of friedns not a stupid goofy friend!"
  11. so,she went to act like lola...

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