a story of a nice but unlucky girl!

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this quiz is about a girl called sara.(okay,my name is sara too but i'm not like her!:D)she's so nice and friendly and sometimes cool but she has a problem..

her problem is that she's unlucky and she's so ugly!so her friends will be ugly too.this quiz is more like a story than a quiz!wanna read it?i know it's boring..

Created by: dragon

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  1. okay,this quiz is more like a story than a quiz!:D this story is about an unlucky girl.the result is about how much you enjoyed this quiz!
  2. Sara was a 14 years old girl!she was nice,funny and cute but she was a little unlucky!
  3. it was sara's first day at a new school.she brushed her hair and washed her teeth.she wore the school uniform!
  4. at the school bus,every one were laghing at her."nice clothes!"a guy shouted."thanks!"(lol!)sara said.school was the same as the bus.every one were staring at her and they were laughing.
  5. she wanted to say hello to people but everyone hated to talk to her.
  6. sara was realy sad."hi!"a voice came from her back.it was a boy's voice."please be cute,please be cute."she said with her self.
  7. she turned around and she saw...AN UGLY BOY WITH UGLY ROUND GLASSES!!"oh,how cute.."she said with her self.
  8. "hi.."she said."what's up?""nothing much.."he said."okay!bye!"she said and she left."wait!!"he said as he's running after her.
  9. "what now?"she said."wanna go together?"he asked."where?"she said."to the class!"he said."please...""alright.."she said.
  10. in the class,sara was listening to the teacher.suddenley a voice came:"psstt..sara!"she turned around and saw the boy.he gave her a pice of paper.she took it and saw it.he was wrote:"oh,and i'm jake."
  11. "and my name is sara"she wrote on the paper.and it was the begining of their friendship!:D

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