A Simple Hogwarts Story Pt 2

Okay so this is a continutation of A Simple Hogwarts Story Pt 1. Just its part 2 now. I hope you get the guy you like. If you like to read, then this is for you!

Do you think you will get the guy from Hogwarts you like? You have Oliver Wood, Draco Malfoy, Ron Weasley, Seamus Finnigan and lastly, Harry Potter. They all seem to care about you!

Created by: Harry_PotterFan
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  1. So, you’re at the hospital wing with Madam Pomfrey mending your leg. Last night she gave you a sleeping potion because you couldn’t sleep. You awoke to the sound of an angry exclaim from the bed to the left of you. When you rubbed your eyes, you turned to see Draco Malfoy. His arm was covered in a cast and when he noticed you he apologised, “Hi _____________. How are you feeling? I am sorry for spraining your ankle when I tripped you. I honestly didn’t know. “ You replied, “Oh, its fine. I’m feeling much better now. What happened to your arm?” “oh it’s because of that stupid oaf Hagrid. I called his hippogriff a great ugly brute but I mean, that thing is horrible to look at.” You chuckled and asked, “Anyone came to visit you get?” “No, but a lot of people came to visit you. You’re quite popular aren’t you, __________?” “No, I’m not.” “Yes you are.” “If I’m so popular then why isn’t anyone here with me?” “I don’t know_________” he said and you both started to laughed but you noticed some things one your table and inquired, “Who are these from?” He scratched his head and replied, “The Weasleys, Granger, Wood, Longbottom and Dumbledore.” You were confused, “Dumbledore? What for?” “I dunno.” You then talked a little and asked him if he had his notes from the first day for Care of Magical Creatures and he said yes that he would give it to you. He told you to sit by him because he can’t move. You muttered, “Accio chair” and sit on it. Draco asked, “_________ can you give me some advice?” “sure, on what?” “Okay, there’s this girl I like and I want to know how to impress her. She’s in my year but I don’t think she likes me.” Your thoughts:
  2. “So, Draco, who’s this girl you speak of?” you asked and Draco being caught off-guard said, “I-i-i….it’s a secret. She’s extremely pretty, intelligent and outgoing. She has a smashing attitude.” “Okay Draco, I think you should tell this girl how you feel.” “__________, it’s not as easy as it seems. Thing is, I can’t just go up to her and tell her I like her. Anyways, I think she’s interested in someone else but I know I can’t forget about her.” You reply:
  3. "Well just don't tell anyone about this conversation, _______. I actually trust you A LOT." "Thanks Draco." After a lot of laughter, Madam Pomfrey came to tell you that your friends are waiting for you in the common room. You didn't want to leave Draco but she gave you a stern look so you had to go. You:
  4. You got dressed and as you entered the common room, you were greeted by many, “Welcome Back _________” and “how are you feeling?” After all of this, Harry came up to you with a dazzling look in his eye as though he was happy and wanted to tell you something. He said that he hoped you’re alright and asked why you came back so late. You told him you overslept and he asked, “________, was Draco Malfoy there?” “You hesitated then replied, “Um, yes he was. Why do you ask?” “Oh just that I knew Buckbeak slashed him but it was his fault because Hagrid did say not to provoke a hippogriff otherwise it is the last thing you might ever do.” He talked a little more to you then gave you a heart warming hug. Your thoughts were:
  5. Your thoughts were interrupted by Hermione. She looked on the verge of ready-to-cry. You asked kindly, “Hermione, what happened? What’s wrong?” “______i kind of like Ron but he doesn’t like me. This feeling had been going on for two years now and all of a sudden, he’s been talking about some girl that he has deep feelings for and it hurts me to hear him talk about her. He doesn’t even pat attention to me anymore. I feel like a loser. What to do?” You reply:
  6. You went to sleep around 11 o’ clock that night. When you got up, you saw that your fist subject was Potions. When you arrived in the class, Professor Snape said to sit next to a boy in the front desk. You soon realised he was one of the guys you sat next to for Divination. He said, “Hi. My name is Seamus.” “hi Seamus, my name is ________” “I know your name. Ron and Harry talk about you all the time.” Your face turned bright red when he said that so you said hastily, “let’s get started then.” You and Seamus were working fine until you noticed Harry was glancing over at you and Seamus every few seconds. Your thoughts:
  7. After potions, you and Seamus were the last to leave and eh asked you if you can coach him in Potions around 8 o’ clock. You agreed as you had no other plans. You decided to go see Draco to give him the notes but when you entered, you saw him talking to Pansy Parkinson and they were laughing together. As you turned to leave he said, “Hey ________ wait. Pansy was just leaving,” and he gave her a get-out look. When you sat down on his bed, she gave you a death glare before slamming the door shut behind her. “Hi, _________ what’s up?” “Draco, is that the girl you like?” “Hell no. She’s just my friend from Slytherin. I like someone more special. Someone like….you.” “Um okay then. Anyways, Professor Snape gave us some notes for Strengthening Potion and we’re supposed to learn it. I can copy it down for you if you like.” “Oh no, it’s already bad enough that you have to come here after every subject just to give me notes.” “That’s alright.” “Thanks for coming. Do you want to leave your book with me?” “Yeah sure, anything. Bye.” “Bye,” he said in a sad voice. You were thinking:
  8. You checked the time when you left the hospital wing and it was half five. You did any studies you had and you had two free periods. By the time you finished everything, it was 3 minutes to eight and when you went to the common room, there were only Fred, George, Harry, Ron, and Hermione. You decided to go to the boys’ dormitory to see if Seamus was there and surprisingly enough, you were ACTUALLY allowed in there. Seamus was on his bed and when he saw you he said, “Hi ______ you want to go down to the common room or not? Because it’s very noisy down there.” You considered it for a moment and replied, “Let’s stay here.” “Okay.” “So, Seamus what do you need help with?” “Basically everything. I’m always trying to do something; I get blown up in the face. Literally.” You both laughed and while you explaining something to him, Harry and Ron walked in. Ron said, “Hey ______. Hey Seamus. What’s up?” “Oh nothing much. Seamus and I were just studying Potions.” “Oh okay.” You turned back to Seamus when you saw Harry looking extremely put out about something. You walked over to him and said, “Hi harry. What’s happened?” “Hi _________. I’m just confused. Can you see me in the common room after you’re done with Seamus? How long you have again with him?” “About 5 minutes. I’ll meet you in five minutes.” “Thanks a million.” With that, you went back to Seamus who was telling Ron, “__________ is cool and smart. I hope she can be my potions partner for class.” Ron saw you and said, “Hey ________. Seamus here was just telling me how great you are at Potions.” “Well thank you Seamus. Do you need anything else?” “No but if I do, I’ll tell you.” “Okay.” “Bye __________.” You were going down to the common room by you stopped on one of the steps to think:
  9. You were thinking that for a while until you snapped back you your senses and went to join Harry near the fireplace on the couch. He leaned in closer to you and said, “ ________, I trust you a lot. Can I tell you something?” “When I was at the leaky cauldron, I heard Mr and Mrs Weasley talking about Sirius Black. You do know that he’s escaped from Azkaban do you?” “Yeah but what’s happened?” “_________ Sirius Black is after me. I just felt as though I needed to tell someone. I’ve told Hermione and Ron though.” You said, “Okay well just don’t go looking for trouble.” “I don’t go looking for trouble. Trouble usually finds me.” You both chuckled but you had a strange feeling that he also called you for something else. “Harry, is there anything else you wanted to tell me?” “Yes, I saw you spending a lot of time with Malfoy and I was wondering if there was anything going on between you two.” “There’s nothing going on between us. He’s just my friend. Why do you ask?” “Just asking. You sure you don’t have ANY feelings for him?” “I-I-I don’t think so.” He seemed satisfied with your answer and said, “Well _______. I just wanted to know because you two seemed to be spending a lot of time with each other. If you need anything, I’m here for you, okay?” “Okay Harry, thanks. Bye,” you said and you left thinking:
  10. The nest morning, you were greeted by a bunch of balloons, honeydukes’ chocolates and a thank you card. When you opened it, it read,” hi _______. Thanks for making my life so great. Have a wonderful day. Love, Seamus.” You smiled gratefully at the end and someone behind you said, “Looks like he likes you.” You turned around to see a curly hair girl with blonde hair eyeing you with deep feelings of jealously. You asked, “Um, who are you?” not meaning to sound rude but you did in any way. “I’m Lavender. I’m sure you’ve heard of me.” “No I haven’t.” “Anyways, as I was telling you, It looks as though Seamus likes you.” You chuckled and said, “No he doesn’t.” “Oh yes he does. He NEVER sends girls chocolates and balloons unless he likes then. Seeing as though you’re the first, I think you’re not Seamus’ type.” “Lavender I’m sorry but I don’t have time for your nonsense. I have better things to do than hear you complain.” You walked off on her and went into the Great Hall where you were greeted by Dean, Harry, Ron, Seamus and some other people. Dean said, “Ah boys, here’s the wonderful girl Seamus has been spending his night with.” You blushed and the rest of them chuckled. One of them then said,” So Seamus is she going to be more than just your potions partner?” and he nudged him. They guys seemed very hyper about something and your breakfast was a very enjoyable one until Lavender came up to you all and said, “Well Seamus I must say, I don’t think much of your choice of girls,” and with that’s she stalked off. You didn’t care what she said but it was half an hour before bell rang for Defence Against the Dark Arts so you decided to go see Draco. He looked sad but when he saw you, his face broadened with a smile. Your thoughts:
  11. "Hey ________ how come you're here?" "oh well i just wanted to see how you're doing." "I'm doing fine actually and also very happy that you came to see me." "Um, why?" "Because no one came to visit me all night or day." "So Draco, what are you doing?" "Just thinking." "About?" " The girl i told you about." "When last did you speak to her?" He shrugged and said that you should go because the bell might ring any moment. You bid him goodbye and went straight to class for Defence Against the Dark Arts. When you arrived in class, Professor Lupin told you and the rest of the class to follow him to the next room. A girl named Pansy Parkinson came next to you. You:
  12. She said, “Listen, I know you think your ‘all that’ but you’re not. Draco’s mine and I DON’T want you to go see him. I will give him the notes.” She spoke in a tone which made you want to rip her guts out. (XD)”Parkinson, you could go to hell for all I care. Just because you and draco are in the same house doesn’t mean that he’s with you. He doesn’t even like you. There are other people who care about him and I suggest you back off. You treat him like dirt Pansy, and I’m going to stop that.” “_______ why do you think you’re awesome when you’re so not? Draco follows you around like a lost puppy and I know you love it. I’m sick and tired of your s---.” And with that, she left. You paid more attention to what she said about Draco following you around like a lost puppy instead of paying attention to what Professor Lupin was saying about Bogarts. When bell rang for lunch, your eyes were filled up with tears and you decided to go see Draco. He asked kindly, “_________ what happened?” “It’s her, Pansy. She hates me, she wants me out of your life.” “Don’t study her. She’s just jealous.” He straightened his body, took his hand and wiped away your tears. You said,” Maybe she IS right. Maybe I should leave you alone. I’ve made your life worse.” As Draco opened his mouth, Pansy entered and said, “_______ running I see. I always knew you were pathetic. I just didn’t know you would stoop so low. You-‘’ Before she could finish, Draco said, “Listen Pansy, get the hell out of here. Just get out!” “Hmm Draco, you must really like her. You’re even picking up for her.” She turned to you and said, “You ARE a nuisance to his life.” Draco hugged you and shouted at Pansy to get out. He gave her a ‘don’t-mess-with-my-girl’ look before she left. Draco was very comforting and when the bell rang for Transfiguration, he said, “Hun, don’t worry about her. She’s just jealous of how beautiful and smart you are,” and he winked. Your thoughts were:
  13. After Transfiguration, Harry cornered you in an empty classroom. He said, "I know a lot of guys are hitting on you and i just wanted you to know that i really like you. From the moment I saw you, I liked you." You replied in a whisper, "Harry, dont." "_______ you've been the one since, well forever." "Harry---" Before you could finish, he walked closer to you, tilted your head and the next thing you knew, you felt pressure on your lips. His were gentle and soft. It was easy to push away but for some reason you didn't. After what it seemed like a long time, he moved his head but placed his hands on your waist. He said again, "_________ I really like you and i hope you feel the same way about me." You said, your eyes filled with tears, "Harry, I-I have to go." As you turned to leave, he pulled you and hugged you but you pushed away and ran to your dormitory. You cried yourself to sleep. You were thinking:
  14. Okay lovies. The quiz is over. I am very sorry it isnt as good as other quizzes but i tried my best. If you liked it, stay tuned for the other one.

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