A she-cat's difficult love story

You are a she-cat named Snowpelt. In this story, 3 toms like you. You can choose Blackheart, Lionfur, or Silentheart! Which one will you choose? It's your choice.

In the end, there will only be one tom that will win your heart. Who will it be? In all, there are 3 quizzes. Which tom will emerge victorious? That answer lies in you.

Created by: Snowstar

  1. You are a newly made warrior. Your clanmates cheer your name,"Snowpelt! Snowpelt!" It is time to make your bed in the warrior cat den. A golden-colored tom pads up to you. He says,"Want help to make your new nest? My name's Lionfur." You answer,"Sure!". You collect materials to make your nest, and make it. What do you say to Lionfur?
  2. Soon after, a blue and silver cat touches your pelt with his tail. He says,"Want to hunt with me? The fresh-kill pile needs restocking." You look at the dwindling fresh-kill pile and say,"Sure!" You go to fish in the lake and hunt in a stretch of woodland and bring back a lot of prey. Silentheart asked you if tomorrow you wanted to go look for some herbs to give to the medicine cat. Silentheart heard that the med. cat was running low on catmint. What do you answer?
  3. A black cat silently comes to you. He says" I'm Blackheart. Do you want to border patrol with me?" You say that you were supposed to go with Silentheart to look for herbs, but Blackheart answers,"We can do that later. You want to be safe, don't you?" You answer...
  4. No matter what you picked, Blackheart convinced you to go on a quick border patrol. While on the patrol, Blackheart says that he smelled Rockclan over the border. He tells the rest of the patrol to continue and tells you to come with him. Once you are near the unknown territory, you halt. Blackheart says that he still smells Rockclan. That would make sense because you were also near the border, but you still can't smell a Rockclan warrior that crossed over. You are now near the edge of the clan border and close to unknown territory. What do you do?
  5. You decide to keep going. All of a sudden, Blackheart leaps on you. He drags to to a cave, where you hit your head and are knocked out.
  7. I won't end here.
  8. So, who do you like so far?
  10. We are done!

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