A Love Story for Girls

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  1. If u r a boy, GET OUT! *SEE TITLE OF QUIZ*
  2. K, now that that's taken care of, we can have fun with this. Here we go. It's your first day of school at Lumberman High (yes you are a freshman *9th grade*)
  3. You walk to your bus stop and sit on the bench that has been there since you were in Pre-K. A boy walks up and asks, "Can I sit with you?" You notice he has tousled bronze hair and green eyes (no, I am not copying Edward Cullen from Twilight *yes, he DID have GREEN eyes before he became a vampire*). You say (to the dude with green eyes and bronze hair *not to me*)...
  4. Let's pretend you said anything except no. "Thanks." he says. He sits. "I'm Luke. What's your name?" You say...
  5. Let's pretend you said any of the answers except for the first one or the last one. "Cool." he replies. "That's a cool name." he reapeats. You say...
  6. The bus pulls up. "Ladies first?" he asks you. "Sure." you reply. You get on the bus and spot your best friend Max. He has blue eyes and has really dark brown hair, almost black. His hair is Justin Beiber stile (old stile, be4 he got it cut). You sit by him. "Hey, (your nickname) ______" "Hey, Max. How was summer?" "So so. The worst part is that you couldn't come with me to Hawaii." So, what do you think of Max?
  7. You spot Luke who is sitting right next to you across the isle. He looks REALLY jealous. What do you say to that?
  8. Just then your bus stops at another bench ith a lot of MUSCULAR guys. Probably the jocks. A boy passes you and flashes a grin. Another boy passes you and smiles widely. Another boy sees you and whispers to the last guy. He passes you and sits with the rest of his friends. The last guy comes. Instead of just passing you, he grabs you by the arm and drags you toward his seat with his friends. What do you do?
  9. Let's pretend you slap his hand. "It's all good, girl." he says to you. Finally you're at his seat. He sits down and pulls you on to his lap. "Stop it!" you yell and try to get up, but he holds you on his lap with his strong arms. He makes an unescapeable snare around your waist. You slap his arms. "Let. Go." you snarl through your teeth. "It's all good, girl." he answers again. This time Luke interferes. "Stop it. She wants to be let go." he says. Thois time the boy does let you go. But he also gets up and walks up to Luke and grabs him by the colar of his shirt. What do you say?
  10. "JOSH!" the bus driver yells. The guy named Josh (a.k.a mystery guy) let go of Luke and sat down in his seat. You walk back over to where Max was sitting and sat down next to him where you were before. "Are you okay, Luke?" you whisper across the aisle. "Yeah, thanks for asking." "No prob." The bus stops at school and the doors open. You're the first to get off the bus. You're about to open the school building for yourself when a hand opens it for you. Who do you want it to be?
  11. It was _____ (put guy's name here). "Thanks!" you were so happy it was your dream guy. "No problem." he flashes a grin at you. You both go inside. You go to the front office and get your schedules. You compare eachothers. You have 1st, 2nd and 6th together if it's Luke. You have 3rd and 7th if it's Max. Or 4th and 5th if it's Josh.
  12. You walk to your first class and sit down next to Luke (if you wanted to or not, all the other seats were full). "Hi." you say. "Hi. What's up?" "Nothing. You?" "Nothing." *** The day basically goes on like that except for lunch. At lunch all three of the boys call you so you will sit by them. Who do you choose?
  13. Okay. End of your first day. You decided you had enough excitement for one day so you walk home, and it's not that far, you only live a few blocks away. You feel like you are being followed. You decide to walk faster. Now you just have to turn the corner. Something grabs your hoodie and covers your mouth. You scream muffled by the hand. "Shh!" You turn around and pull the hand off your face. It was Josh. What do you do?
  14. Let's pretend you say 'hi' and start walking again. "WAIT!" he yells. He starts running toward you. You run too, but not toward him, toward anywhere except to him. 'Holy smokes! He's fast!' you think because he grabs you by the waist and turns you around and squeezes you against his chest. "What is your problem?" you demand. "I like you." "That's a problem?" "No, not really." "Let. Me. Go. Then." He lets you go after you promise you won't run away from him again. What do you think?
  15. You talk to Josh for a while and then go to your house. You shut the door. "Hi!" You turn to see Luke. "Uh, hi, Luke. Did my mom let you in or did you break in?" He rolled his eyes. "Your mom let me in. Acually, she gave me a job!" Right. Your mom owned a resterant. (Sorry if I didn't mention it earlier). "Awesome. When are you working?" you ask. "Weekday evenings." "Me too." What do you do?
  16. *** After Luke leaves you settle down with...
  17. *** After Luke leaves you settle down with...
  18. Cliffhanger! Come back for part 2, you hear?

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