A Hogwarts love story: The Chamber of Secrets(part 6)

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This is part 6 of The Chamber of Secrets, or "Following Harry and Ron into the Forbidden Forest." Just to let you guys know Draco isn't in this one, but he is vaguely mentioned especially in the first question.

So, what could happen when Harry and Ron follow the spiders to get answers? Sneaking out at night is never a good idea, what if someone notices you've gone missing?

Created by: spotty dinosaur

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  1. *Neville's P.O.V*{Dreaming: I was walking down one of the corridors in the school. It was dark and very quiet; the only noise was my shoes hitting the ground. I turned round a corner and suddenly there was no more light, I could only much as see my hand in front of me. I took out my wand and whispered "Lumos", the ball of light at the end of my wand showed me where I was going and I continued walking forward. All of a sudden I stopped walking-I could hear something coming from the left of me. I shone the light to where I could hear the sound, and there, by the wall was someone standing gazing at their handiwork. He had written on the wall with what looked like blood; I recognised the writing-it was written on the wall here when Mrs Norris was attacked. "The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. Enemies of the heir...beware." Suddenly the person turned around to face me and I instantly recognised him as Draco Malfoy. "What you doing here Longbottom?!" Malfoy sneered. I tried to run and find a professor or someone to tell them that Malfoy is the Heir of Slytherin, but no sooner had I taken one step then he said, "Petrificus Totalus!" He then strutted over to me and crouched down by my face. "So you found out I'm the Heir, hmm? I was so proud when I found out I was myself-Draco Malfoy the Heir of Slytherin! Of course I had to keep it quiet, don't want to be sent to Azkaban for attacking the mudbloods do I? Of course I haven't attacked as many mudbloods as I would have liked to, so I told my father and he persuaded the other governors in the ministry to suspend Dumbledore. Now with him gone I can start the killings. I know you're pure Longbottom-feel like helping purge the school?" He explained with great pride and took the body bind curse off me so I could answer his pathetic question. "I may be pure but why would I want to kill muggle-borns?! I'm not pathetic like you!" I muttered. That was probably the wrong thing to say...Malfoy put me back into the body bind curse and angrily whispered to me, "Fine then Longbottom! It says enemies of the heir beware-why should it just mean mudbloods?! You may be pure but you just made enemies with the heir! Prepare to be the first one dead Longbottom!"} I awoke with a start and fumbled about for my wand, once it was in my hand I muttered "lumos" and shone the light around me. I sighed with relief when I realised I was still in bed; but I noticed that Harry and Ron weren't in theirs. What happened to them?!
  2. *Harry's P.O.V* "The other governors and I have decided that it's time for you to step aside. This is an order of suspension." Lucius said handing Dumbledore a rolled up piece of parchment. Fudge tried to intercept the parchment but Dumbledore merely waved him off and took the order of suspension. "You'll find all 12 signatures on it. I'm afraid we feel that you've rather...lost your touch. What with all these attacks there'll be no more muggle-borns left at Hogwarts. I could only imagine what an awful lost that would be to the school." Lucius was now facing towards Ron and me and even I could see the smirk on his face. "You can't take Dumbledore away! Take Dumbledore away and the muggle-borns won't stand a chance! You mark my words, there will be killings next!" Hagrid bellowed. "You think so?" Malfoy sneered. "Calm yourself Hagrid. If the governors wish my removal then I will of course step aside. However you will find that help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it." Dumbledore said calmly and I was sure he looked directly at us when he spoke. It was as if he could see us through the cloak. Malfoy looked around him to try and see what Dumbledore was looking at but couldn't see anything and led Dumbledore out of the hut. "Come Hagrid." Fudge said and waited for Hagrid to move. "Well, if anyone was looking for some stuff all they'd have to do is follow the spiders. Yep, that'll lead them right. That's all I have to say. Oh, and someone will need to feed Fang while I'm gone." Hagrid said and walked out of the door accompanied by Fudge.
  3. *Oliver's P.O.V* I woke up half way through the night; I had a horrible nightmare about _____. I don't even remember what it was about though-just that she was in it... I don't want to try and remember anyway. I looked around the room, all my roommates were asleep; I couldn't go back to sleep though for fear of going back into the nightmare. I quietly exited the dormitory and made my way down the stairs. I sat on the red sofa facing the fireplace where the flames from earlier on had died down to glowing embers. I felt so lonely without her even though I hardly spent time with her; it was very strange to feel this way about someone when you hardly know them... I picked up a cushion from the sofa and hugged it close to me; I rested my head on the top of it and stared into space deep in thought. I quickly snapped back when someone said my name. I stood up and turned around to see Longbottom looking at me, "What are you doing down here?" I asked him. He explained to me that he thought that Harry and Weasley were down here because they weren't in the dorm; he then concluded that he thinks they snuck out. I didn't respond straight away, I was wondering why they would have snuck out. Something to do with the Heir of Slytherin perhaps? No they couldn't be....They were friends with Granger and looked as devastated as I was when I found out ___ was Petrified too. I decided that we had to go and find them, we couldn't win at Quidditch-that had been cancelled because of the attacks, and we only won the House Cup because of last minute points last year and I was determined not to let it go back to those stupid Slytherins! Anyway, I needed to get my mind off my nightmare (whatever it was about) and _____, besides I haven't had an adventure in ages...Longbottom took some convincing about going outside but he soon, rather reluctantly, agreed.
  4. *Neville's P.O.V*I decided that I would be unable to get back to sleep anyway after my nightmare and I was too busy wondering what had happened to Ron and Harry, so I went downstairs to the common room. My conclusion was that they had probably snuck out again like they did in first year; I never did see them go upstairs with the rest of us. I had just reached the bottom step when I realised that someone was down here. Maybe it was Ron and Harry? It wasn't. Oliver Wood was sitting on the red sofa by the fireplace holding a pillow close to his chest. "Wood?" I whispered. He stood up and turned around his face showing sadness. "Yeah? What are you doing down here Longbottom?" Wood asked. "I could ask you the same thing. Besides Ron and Harry aren't in the dormitory, I thought they might be down here but now I just think they've snuck out again." I said. "Well now that we can't play Quidditch the only way we can win the House Cup is by winning points. We are not losing the House Cup! Let's go find them then!" Wood said with determination. "A-are you sure? We could end up being the ones losing points for Gryffindor instead of them. Besides we don't even know where they are..." I said unsure if this was such a good idea. "Well they wouldn't be in the corridors-the professors are patrolling there, so they should be outside...I'm positive that we'll find them without being seen, Harry and Ron managed not to be seen-they would be as easily discovered as we would! Anyway I need to get my mind off things..." He trailed off and walked to the portrait and opened it, "Come on then Longbottom!" I guess we were going outside...We hid behind corners and in empty classrooms avoiding the professors. Finally we made it outside, Wood said to check down by the Black Lake first but as we descended down the hill we spotted 2 people come out from Hagrid's hut. They were about the size of Harry and Ron but I couldn't tell if it was really them in the darkness. "I think that's them, over there..." I whispered and pointed to where the dark images of the people were. He nodded and said, "Let's go. We only go right up to them when we know for sure that it's really them. For now trail a little bit behind..." He got up half-crouched and together we made our way after the two silhouettes that were walking towards the forbidden forest.
  5. *Ron's P.O.V* Dumbledore had been suspended and Hagrid had been taken away to Azkaban. Tonight was not going well at all. "Hagrid is right. With Dumbledore gone there'll be an attack a day!" I exclaimed. "Look..." Harry said and pointed to some spiders scurrying after each other in almost a perfect line. Harry went and grabbed a lantern from inside the hut and walked outside with Fang. I walked after him but I didn't like the idea of where this might have been going. I really hated spiders. From the outside wall of the hut we saw the spiders scurrying towards the Dark Forest. "Come on." "What?! They're heading into the Dark Forest" I yelped. "You heard Hagrid! Follow the spiders." "Why spiders! Why couldn't it be follow the butterflies?!" I complained as I trudged after Harry into the forest. It was getting darker and darker the further we went in, after a while Harry gave me the lantern so that he could cast the wand-lighting charm because my wand was still broken. Suddenly there was a loud rumble from somewhere around us, "There's something moving over there!" Harry said, "Listen. It sounds big." "Big?!" I squealed terrified. It did another loud roar and two bright lights flashed on us. "Harry, Harry it's our car! It must have been here all the time. Look, the forest has turned it wild." The car stopped roaring and turned off its lights. "Come on! We don't want to lose the trail." Harry said and we continued walking leaving the car behind. Soon there were hundreds of spiders all going in the same direction, still we kept following them and I had to take in deep breaths to keep myself calm but Harry seemed perfectly fine. "Harry I don't like this." I whined to him, "Harry I don't like this at all." Harry told me to be quiet as he approached the slope where every spider was busy scuttling down. "Can we go back now?" "Come on!" Harry said and climbed down the slope which turned out to be a tunnel swarming with spiders, I made sure to stay well away from the walls where there were lots of spider webs. You could hear all of them as they crawled after each other, it made my skin crawl.
  6. *Oliver's P.O.V* We carefully made it out of the castle, skilfully dodging professors that were on patrol, and we started to go down the hill towards the Black Lake. On our way down there Longbottom pointed out to me 2 boys walk out of Hagrid's hut with a lantern. He said that it could be them, so I decided to follow them and only make ourselves known when we know for sure. We got as close as we could without them noticing us, the 2 figures stopped and looked at something holding the lantern reasonably close to their face. From where I was I could sort of make out that the person holding the lantern had black hair and I think he was wearing glasses, but I couldn't know for sure if it was Harry. They then continued to walk and entered the Dark forest. I looked beside me to the 2nd year that I had managed to convince to sneak out to look for Harry and Weasley, was it such a good idea to follow them into the forest? Really I was surprised that Longbottom had come this far, maybe just going into the forest just for a little bit wouldn't hurt..."Come on!" I whispered and quickly followed them before we lost their tracks. Once a couple of steps into the forest Longbottom and I took out our wands and said "Lumos" together. Ahead of us I could just about see that the lantern wasn't giving off enough light so the person on the left gave the lantern to the person on the right, took out his wand and used the wand-lighting charm. Further into the forest we walked, until suddenly there was a very loud roar-it almost sounded like a car; it roared again and two bright lights shone on the figures that we were following. The light was so bright I could make them out perfectly; the one now holding the lantern had red hair-he must have been Weasley which could only mean that the one next to him was Harry. "I-It's them definitely..." Longbottom nervously whispered. To be perfectly honest I was too interested in why they were in the forest to announce our presence, so I didn't say anything and continued following them.
  7. *Neville's P.O.V* We went very deep into the forest, it was getting really dark and it took all my will power not to get scared and run out. We eventually found out that it was Harry and Ron that we were following when a pair of bright lights shone on them. But I was still questioning why they were even in the forest in the first place. I began to notice that the further in we went the more spiders seemed to be crawling along the floor, they were acting very strange. I had never seen lots of spiders together at one time, or seen any spider follow another one. Suddenly Harry stopped and examined the floor with his wandlight, it was like a carpet of spiders, there were so many you could even hear them as they moved. I had noticed that they checked the floor quite a lot, what were they looking for? Did it have something to do with the spiders? Wood continued to follow them as they walked down a slope, I hurried after him as I didn't want to be left alone. "Ahhh!!" I tripped over my own foot and went tumbling down the hill. "Ouch!" I accidently rolled right into Wood knocking him over flat on his face; he quickly got back up and shaking all the spiders and cobwebs off him, I did the same but less frantically. "Harry, Harry did you hear that?" I heard Ron say as he looked around himself at the end of the tunnel. "Who's there?" Harry called down the tunnel, "I said who's there?!" "may-maybe I was just hearing things..." "No. No, I heard it too." "Calm down, calm down. It's only us." Wood said walking out of the tunnel to where they were standing with me following behind. "Oliver? Neville? What are you doing here?" Harry asked. "Could ask you the same question." I said. Suddenly all of our attention was drawn to a loud noise coming from somewhere quite close to us; it sounded like hundreds of sticks snapping at the same time and there were big thumps. "Wha-What is that?" I asked as Harry and Ron walked towards where the sound was coming from, once again me and Wood trailed behind not sure what we were about to get ourselves into. All the spiders were scurrying down an enormous ditch cloaked in large cobwebs. "Who is it?" An unknown voice called from the ditch, who ever said it must have been gigantic-they certainly sounded like they were and they sounded old too.
  8. *Ron's P.O.V* We came out of the tunnel with 2 more people than we had started with. It seems that Wood and Neville had been following without us realising. If they could follow us without being noticed what else could?! I hear there are werewolves in the Forest....Neither group knew why the other group was here but me and Harry couldn't stop, we had to find answers even if it meant taking them with us. In the middle of both sides asking while they were here, a big raspy voice came from a large ditch covered in huge cobwebs. The owner of the webs must have been at least half the size of the Burrow! I really hope it isn't. I hate spiders. Harry owes me BIG time. "Hagrid, is that you?" The voice sounded again. Me and Harry edged slowly and cautiously towards the ditch while Neville and Wood stayed a little way back. "We're friends of Hagrid's." Harry stuttered. Eight hairy legs the size of trees came out of the hole, accompanied by a large hairy body the size of a boulder and 5 eyes each the size of my head. I whimpered. I was against something from my wildest nightmares-A GIANT SPIDER! I could have passed out there and then if I wasn't stuck to the spot in fear and staring at the terrifying monster in front of us. I think Neville might have fainted though-I heard a thump behind me but I was too scared to turn my back on this beast. "Your-Your-Your Aragog aren't you?" Harry said. "Yes. Hagrid has never sent men into our hollow before." "He's in trouble. Up in the school there have been attacks-they think it's Hagrid. They think he opened the Chamber of Secrets like before." Harry answered Aragog again but I was too busy looking at the quickly growing numbers of spiders (smaller than Aragog but still their size was not to my liking) "Ron!" I heard Neville call my name, but if he didn't faint then that means.....Wood did. Heart of a lion he has. I slowly turned round to see a large group of spiders creeping to Neville and Wood's body. We're dead. We're dead. We're dead. We're dead. We're dead. "That's a lie! Hagrid never opened the Chamber of Secrets." "Then you're not the monster..." "No! The monster was born in the castle; I came to Hagrid from a distant land in the pocket of a traveller." "Harry..." I squeaked as I tugged pathetically on his sleeve to try and get his attention to the spiders gathering around us and the ones that were near Neville who was panicking even more than me.
  9. Harry just brushed me off and told me to be quiet. "If you're not the monster, then what did kill that girl 50 years ago?" "We do not speak of it! It is an ancient creature we spiders fear above all others." What creature could these spiders possibly fear?! "But did you see it?" "I never saw any part of the castle but the box in which Hagrid kept me. The girl was discovered in a bathroom. When I was accused Hagrid bought me here." "Harry!" I squealed a bit less pathetically and tugged on his arm again. "What?!" Harry said slightly angry that I interrupted him questioning the spider but his face softened when he saw what was happening all around us. "Well; thank you. We'll just go. Don't you agree? Neville, Ron, Oliver?" Harry said a little less confidently than before as we backed away towards Wood's body and Neville. The was just a small enough gap around them for us to get into the circle of spiders together. "Go?! I think not. My sons and daughters do not harm Hagrid on my command, but I cannot deny them fresh meat when it wanders so willingly into our midst. Goodbye friend of Hagrid's." Neville was on the ground frantically shaking Wood trying to wake him up so he can help; he moved a centimetre and murmured something at least once but other than that he was as good as dead. "Can we panic now?" I squealed once again to Harry. Suddenly a large spider jumped next to Neville and I had to quickly swing the lantern to hit the spider out the way. Harry, Neville and I were back-to-back facing the army of spiders with Wood's body in the middle of us. "Know any spells?" I asked. "One, but it's not powerful enough for all of them." "Where's _____ and Hermione when you need them?" There were now hundreds of spiders surrounding us, I was extremely surprised that Neville hadn't passed out yet too-at least now we can see that he is brave and why he's in Gryffindor.
  10. *Harry's P.O.V* This was it. The end. Aragog obviously knew it too otherwise he wouldn't have said goodbye, besides what 2nd years could fend off hundreds of large spiders. Really, I was surprised to find out that Neville (maybe Ron seeing as he absolutely hates and is terrified of spiders) was the one still standing on his own two feet and not Oliver, who was being extremely unhelpful as the eldest lying on the floor unconscious. All of a sudden a familiar loud roar sounded and, compared to this, a friendly pair of blinding headlights flashed on us. I was hoping that the Weasley's car had conveniently showed up to rescue us. It rushed forward and mowed down every spider in its path between it and us. Unfortunately it only knocked the spiders out the way and didn't kill them. The spiders completely cleared out of the cars and our way, which pulled up right beside Wood who was just regaining consciousness. I helped Neville and Ron lift him up into the back of the car who was accompanied in by a scrambling Neville and Fang. Ron and I rushed to the front of the car and got in either side, Ron being in front of the wheel. The spiders charged at us once again, we had only just managed to get safely inside the car. At least two of them jumped on top of the roof, "Go!" I yelled at Ron. Hastily he slammed his foot on the pedal and drove quickly out of the den shaking the spiders of the car but still one spider still clung on to the bonnet. "Have you gone mad?!" Oliver's loud voice finally sounded, "What in Merlin's beard did you think you were doing?! And where did you get this car?! What are you on Potter?!" "Uhhhh, can't say anything at the moment Wood. Arania Exumai!" "Harry! Look!" Neville called out from the back seat pointing a couple of metres into the distance where at least 200 spiders were gathering in a line. "Get us out of here!" I yelled as the spiders advanced on us, "Now! Come on! Come on! Come on! Move faster! Go!"
  11. Ron sped straight ahead with the spiders quickly gaining on us. He was swerving around the trees and I was quite surprised that he could still see with all the cracks in the windscreen. "Get us in the air!" I ordered him. Ron toggled with the gear stick but to no avail, "I can't! It's jammed!" "Jammed?! That's it we're done for!" Neville complained. "You..." Oliver said as he pointed a stern finger at Ron, "Keep driving. Let me try to get it to move." We were speeding towards a fallen tree, some spiders were lined up on top of it ready to jump as soon as we got close; but Oliver was still having trouble trying to get the car to fly. "Come on! Pull it!" I shouted urgently at him. "I'm trying! I don't want to die anymore than you do!" Thankfully, only a short distance away from the fallen tree, Oliver managed to move the gear stick and with a bumpy start we flew over the trees and back to Hagrid's house by the edge of the forest. Once we landed Neville and Ron wasted no time in opening the doors to get out, I got out casually as did Oliver but he slammed his door shut. "Follow the spiders. Follow the spiders! If Hagrid ever gets out of Azkaban I'll kill him!" Ron complained. "You- Weasley, Potter have some explaining to do!" Oliver said standing angrily in front of us blocking our way. I glanced at Ron who showed no emotion, I couldn't decide what to do. He deserved an answer after all he was dragged into it-but it was his fault for following us....
  12. *Oliver's P.O.V* Harry opened his mouth about to speak when the little, blue flying car turned the engine on itself and drove away back into the forest with no one in it. "How to explain it." Weasley said sarcastically. I looked at him confused at what caused him to use such a tone but I also glared. "Well...it's a long story. I-I-I don't know how much of it I want to share with you." Harry said unsure. "Say what you want, but I want to know why you were in there!" I said. "Well we snuck out to talk to Hagrid, he said that if we were looking for some answers to follow the spiders. He meant answers about the Chamber of Secrets. And the car... the car belongs to the Weasley's. Flew it here first day of term, remember? Is that enough?" "Sounds like the truth. If it makes you feel better I won't tell Percy...but we better get back to the common room before someone finds out we're missing." They both gave a half-hearted smile and followed me and Longbottom back, they lingered a while behind but I knew they weren't going anywhere. Not after that.
  13. *Ron's P.O.V* As we were walking a while behind Wood and Neville me and Harry were discussing. "What was the point of sending us in there?! I mean, what have we found out?" I said to him. "We know one thing. Hagrid never opened the Chamber of Secrets. He was innocent." Harry said. Really I guess I could have worked that out if I was talking to a huge butterfly and not some hairy eight-legged monster! I would have been listening if I wasn't waiting for it to eat me....Maybe tomorrow will bring some luck.

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