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  • I got gender neutral- I guess I have been a bit confused lately about my gender and this quiz really helped :D

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  • Agender! But... Okay, so I enjoy being female and looking cute. But I also really like pretending to be a guy, if my attire is convicing enough to satisfy me. Is that gender-fluid? I'm just confused... Even the way I walk changes with my mood. Is anyone else like that? I don't want to change with surgery, because it is permanent and super expensive. However, I enjoy being the opposite gender for a bit.

    • There is definitely a high chance you're gender-fluid. Or you could be bi-gender! Bi-gender: Bi-gender means you're a mix of male and female, and you kinda fluccinate from female to male, male to female sometimes. Sorry that I'm 6 months late, in case you're still confused I hope this helped. I suggest maybe looking into talking for a gender therapist.

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    • Hi there Derpmaster ! I feel exactly as you describe and personally feel like my home is Agender !

      Agender means you don't need genders, you just feel like yourself and that is what matters. Sometimes people will classify you as very manly, sometimes very feminine and you're aware of it but it has no value to your deep self as you're just feeling the vibe and living it.

      Gender-fluid or bi-gender, as I understood it, is different : it means you feel man one day, woman on another and it matters to you as identity.

      You could get informed and check what suits you best :)

  • I was born female, just last year I started finding interest in boys and girls and did my research, I classify as Bisexual and have a boyfriend who is awesome. Recently i've been questioning my gender. Some days in the past year I have felt more masculine than feminine, or vice versa. I got Agender on this quiz, I feel it fits me, but at the same time I feel it doesnt. Honestly, I dont really see genders as a label. Like, my friends are just them, my mom is just her own person, and my dad is his own person, etc.

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    • I understand! That is just like me although I was born a guy and identify as gay! I don't know too much on the subject but the purpose of gender neutral is for it to not be a label, for example this is what comes to mind for me when I think of me 'being' agender, "You don't really identify with any gender.

      You don't have to be bound to a gender.
      You're perfectly fine just being you."

    • Not gender neutral sorry *Agender I meant

  • I was born a female and came out as genderfluid for a little while but it just didn't feel right. I love getting all dressed up but sometimes I just get irritated at having to be a girl. I know I'm not a male but I do not feel like a female either. I am already a proud pansexual and I'm dating a lesbian I do not know how she'll react if I come out as anything else. I'm just both but neither at the same time like I just don't know who I am anymore, it's difficult to explain. I've taken many test and researched a lot of genders and none of them fit. Hopefully I'll be able to find a solution and if anyone has any suggestions they will be appreciated.

    • bigender: 2 genders at the same time
      Trigender: 3 genders at the same time
      Polygender: multiple genders at the same time
      Pangender: all genders

  • Hi I'm not a young person and it's slowly over the years that I have come to fully realise that I am a gender neutral person. Physically I am male but naturally not overly masculine in appearance. I have never identified with being completely male or female.I don't quite fit either.I used to dress toward the feminine when young but now more towards the masculine as it's easier to match the body I have as I don't like to look out of place.It wouldn't have been any more of an issue if I was born physically male or female.I still would have been equally confused. Finally understanding this helps me a lot.

  • Third Gender/ Non-Conforming? Pretty interesting result :-D

    I'm a 17yro biological female. I actually never questioned about my gender before because in the past I only thought about that I don't have a dick so I always say I'm a girl and I feel comfortable about it (but I don't mind having one).

    Until last night, I was doing personality tests and did one about gender, it said that I'm mentally male/more masculine. It was a simple test with simple results of only male and female and the test was only made for fun. Still, this result made me curious about my mental gender and that made me started to find more tests to give myself a more professional and specific result.


    So my result started from mentally male, to I have strong indication of gender dysphoria, then to gender fluid (which I don't really agree about), and then, this, Third Gender/ Non-Conforming.

    It was fun. I'm not sure if this is the end of my gender self-discovery journey tho. XD

    Anyway, I'm just too curious about it. I still know no matter what result I get, I'm still myself, nothing will actually change. ; -)

  • I got agender, which is close enough, but still a bit off. I'm actually gender apathetic (or apagender), which means that I just don't give a flying frick about gender.

    I'm AFAB, but you can call me she/he/they/xe/whatever until you're blue in the face, and I just really won't care. I also don't particularly understand gender (if you asked me what I like about being a female/feminine, I wouldn't have an answer for you lol).

    Anyways, just wanted to share in case anybody is feeling the same way, as gender apathy isn't one of the more commonly seen terms.

  • So I got agender and I feel it fits me. Because even though I have a lot of cute pink stuff is not like I feel female at all but I don't feel male either. As a person born as female I was taught since I was small that I was a girl and I never questioned it. But recently I sat and sorted out my thoughts and worries and realized I'm not quite what I was taught. I love wearing dresses and skirts as much as I love being in a cool suit with shirt and necktie. The thought of not being male or female pleases me.

  • My results were gender neutral. Recently Ive been questioning my gender identity probably because I recently learned that you dont have to be one gender for all your life. I experimented with being trans female but that never really felt right so I went back to identifying as male but something still didnt feel right for a little bit now Ive just been going by what someone thought I was (which is almost always male) but something still doesnt feel quite right is it just me thats going through this and if anyone else is or has gone through this please tell me what your experience was and how you got to that conclusion

    • Hi there. It is what it is. Seems like if you don't quite fit identifying with being male or female then perhaps it may be good thing to just accept that and just do what it is in life that makes you happy and go with it.

      It took me ages to realise this and acceptance that people are all unique including gender confused persons.This is only a part of defining who you are.

      Accept this gender thing as being a part of being your unique self and just go with it.

      Hope this helps in some way.

  • Agender way that females pretty well describes me. I would love to express my female side more often, but as a genetic male, that is not easy.

    I wish , as a genetic male, I could have the freedom to express myself, the way that females now can, without fear of harassment or persecution.

  • I got 93% agender! I feel like this goes well with me because I am afab(female at birth) but I've always disliked/ felt uncomfortable wearing feminine clothing such as dresses, skirts, or just cropped shirts. I also realize the hobbies I like kindof fall on the male side. I think I am non binary, with they/them pronouns- or my name of course. But there's one issue. Only a few friends know and none of my family

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  • Tbh... the questions are s---. If someone were seriously questioning which they would be the only people who take these tests are people seriously questioning then they wouldnt be like "uh hello im a dude" there are better ways to go about these thijngs and the way this was made felt really limiting on my gender expression. I'm a ftm trans person and I'm pretty f---ing effeminate but im 100% a guy. This felt like a bunch of wannabe edgy stereotypes. Men don't have to be "I'm mighty and powerful and manly look at me and my muscles" that's enforcing toxic masculinity bro. Ask people how they like to express themselves more open tenderly without forcing a gendered narrative on the question, that makes it practically impossible for people question to answer.

    Tl;dr this could have been 100% better and the gendered narrative on everything pissed me off when people who take this are most likely questioning.

    • Hard agree. That question about what your dream body looks like threw me off. Because mine would honestly be none of those. I ended up just picking the closest one to what I wanted, but it felt weird lol!

  • I was born female and I have been using she/her pronouns but Ive started questioning my gender. I have always been androgynous or masculine presenting, only presenting female if Im forced to. I feel like I fit somewhere under the non binary umbrella but Im not sure where. Does anyone have any ideas or any gender identities which might fit?

  • I am a biological female, but I got agender on this. I do feel like this fits me. My whole life I always wanted to be and be treated as just a person, and not a girl. I don't really know what it who I am at the moment, but right now I am cis. I really, really just want to be seen as purely myself. I don't care if somebody calls me a girl or a guy, honestly. Don't know where I stand right now though..

  • I got 80% both for Female and for Androgynous/Gender Neutral, with my next-highest being Third Gender/Non-conforming at 68%.

    I've been ID'ing as a cis girl all my life because I felt "content" with the label, like "yeah I guess I'm a woman, that's fine", but there's always been part of me that's questioning it, especially lately. Like I know for a fact I'm absolutely NOT a man, but that's pretty much the *only* thing I'm sure of. These results don't make me any less confused or anything, and I'm not gonna interpret these results as the absolute concrete truth... but it *is* interesting to me that 'female' and 'androgynous/gender neutral' can have equal percentages like that in my case... wonder if there's a word for "AFAB, feminine-leaning but not exactly a woman", or at least a less wordy way to say that.

    And when I say "feminine-leaning" I'm strictly talking about gender identity, not gender expression, which I feel like I don't have any? E.g. I don't wear a t-shirt and jeans to feel more masculine, couldn't give a crap about that, I do it because *I* want to. I don't wear makeup or a skirt to feel more feminine, couldn't give a crap about that, I do it because *I* want to. Like, say I was AMAB instead of AFAB: I feel like I would still dress and present myself the *exact* same way I already do now, and I feel like in that case as well, I wouldn't see myself wearing dresses or makeup or anything else as this big statement about being in touch with my feminine side or anything Big and Meaningful like that. It would just be me doing whatever the heck I want, in all honesty.

    I'm honestly kicking myself for not trying to explore this sooner, but I think I've neglected to really explore this side of myself, the side that questions my gender identity, because another part of me is worried that maybe I *am* cis after all and I'm just overthinking it... but maybe this is worth looking into anyway. In any case, good quiz, sorry for the lengthy comment XD

    • I am in the same exact boat. Have been for years. Don't really know what to do. I say I am femme (bc I am queer and femme as a queer identity does not = woman or AFAB.) and genderfluid/non-binary. It just feels... Weird? Idk. But yeah, hi! Same boat.

    • Same!

    • Thank you for putting into words how I feel. I've always been more or less content with being identified as male. Though it has never been uncommon or unsettling for me to be asked whether I'm a boy or a girl.

      Somehow the fact that I've always been more or less happy as a dude, makes my recent questioning seem less legitimate to myself. I feel good in masculine clothing and enjoy presenting my athletic masculine body. I also enjoy feeling and appearing in a feminine way, but at the same time I restrict myself to only present obvious feminity in safe spaces like lgbt-friendly raves.

      I prefer people to call me by different pronouns. It's somehow always felt flattering for me to be misgendered. (Anyone else with that experience?) I consider asking my partner and a few truated friends to use they/them pronouns, but again my being more or less content with a male label, makes it feel like asking too much, just so I can try it out.

  • First I thought I was transgender but I was WAY off but I came out as Genderfluid and pansexual, iv been defining myself as Genderfluid for a long time and I already have a different name ( but ppl refuse to call me it) and im starting to doubt that im genderfluid because I feel more like nothing and just existing most of the time but im afraid that people will get upset with me for changing my gender identity and what I am so much, also how do I know ehat name fits me best

  • This test kinda helped me decide for myself that I really am nonbinary. The only problem: why isn't there an option for "happy" in misgendering question? Because I fell ecstatic when people are confused about my gender, but the "I don't care" option was the closest I could get to describing that

  • 83% Gender Neutral , recently I discovered I'm pans but then i stared wondering my sexuality since I always felt out of place dressing up as a female + acting as one, I've always ALWAYS Wanted to Trans into male but then I thought I wouldn't be comfortable either (also afraid of not ending up looking the way i wanted) .Dressing both ways nd not giving a s--- is amazing ;Like dudes i just want to be myself , still figuring myself out . Still confused on who/what I really am. One day I like showing off my bod the other I want to hide it and feel like more masculine.. (Anyone else ,Help )

  • So half of the time I feel like a woman and half of the time agender. Generally on agender days I wear as many layers of clothes as possible and avoid people. My birth gender is female and I'm attracted to women. Besides socially awkward, what does that make me?

    • I have that but i dont like only women but im pansexual and ive been here for three hours finnaly trying to figure out who i am. Im like not switching though but im somewhere inbetween female and agender and i dont know what label i am

    • For someone who is agender and female, they could be called girlflux (shifting from no gender to girl and back), demigirl (partially girl and partially something else), feminine agender (agender but with a feminine lean), bigender (both female and agender at the same time), nonbinary (catch-all term for anything that's not strictly girl or boy), nonbinary girl (kind of like an "off-brand" version of girl) genderqueer (term for a gender that isn't really defined), or many others. But hopefully one of those sounds fitting?

  • I got gender-neutral and it makes sense but at the same time I'm not really sure. Most of the time I feel female, but often I'd rather just be mysterious and make people wonder and it doesn't make sense. I've been puzzling over it because can I be both a girl and nothing?? I just wish I could say what I am. Anybody got advice?

  • I like to be both girl and boy at certain times. I like to have long hair but don't like it touching my neck. I like pants and shirts but also dresses. I like girly things sometimes but others boyish things. I get angry easily but can stay calm. I am not sure if I am genderfluid or bi-gender. What am I?

  • Hoi i was born a female but i never thought that i was supposed to me a female i thought i was ment to be male but at the same time both i like being female but at the same time im thinking that i am supposed to be male and i tried telling my mother that i like girls and guys and that i feel like i should cut my hair and she never agreed so now im forced to be a girl i just want to be the real me not what others want me to be

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  • i'm afab (assigned female at birth) and i have always identified as female and used she/her. there were some instances in my life where i wanted my hair to be short (not too short, like a medium length bob or sumn) and dressed masculine. but recently, i've been using she/they. i identify as female some days but on some days, i dont fully identify as male either. it's either im a female or someone who presents themself as a mix of female and male but is neither. does that make me genderfluid since i switch? bc i got gender neutral.

  • I am male but soon to be a sissy girl slave servant who I am a Girl in the quiz es ive done which is the right answer for me now to believe that sod everyone else I'm gon be a sexy SISSY Girl who will treat everyone else with respect as we only live once so be who you are comfortable being I know people will be making fun at me but to make love to a nice male and have a boyfriend will.be the last time I can be that person xx

  • Please do not take your result seriously. The only reason you would have a gender that differs from your sex (not being a women when you are female or not being a man when you are male) is if you have dysphoria. For example, I took the test and it told me that I was agender. I can assure that I am a women.

  • Your Result: Agender 89%

    Hey there. You aren't really one to put labels on things. You don't see the point in classifying yourself under this silly social thing called gender. Right on. Be proud of what you are... Or maybe I should say what you aren't. Let whatever you feel is more important shine on through, and trust me, your totally fine as is. But that wont stop me from calling you hun or babe, Kay? :)

    50% Gender Neutral/ Androgynous?
    46% Third Gender/ Non-Conforming
    41% You are Male?
    22% Female
    Thank you for making this quiz!

    I feel more comfortable with myself but Im still not sure if my parents will accept this


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