A Girl With A Mysterious Secret. Part 1

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Hi!!! Ok in the story i might sound mature but NOT! Really im not i hate peeps who are serious like I CANT STAND THEM! No offence if ur no fun an serious..

Im completely changing the stupid subject. Ok can u please take this story tht my weird mind made up?? Please im getting really super duty bored blah bye..

Created by: ConverseCutie887

  1. In this story, you're a new girl named Sophie. But you have a mysterious secret. What could it be?
  2. As you walk to school you looked up, "Please don't rain, please don't rain.." You hoped. You wonder how this new school will be, being the new girl, you thought that it was going to be complicated but let's see.
  3. You finally reached school until a boy bumped into you, you fell and all of your stuff was everywhere. "Watch it." You said getting up, looking at the cute guy with wavy brown hair, and dreamy green eyes. "I'm sorry I should look where I'm going." He said picking your stuff up and giving it to you. "Thanks." You said. "No problem, well my name is Zack, what's yours?" He asked. "Sophie." You say while looking at his green eyes.
  4. "Nice." He said. "Yep." You say. "So are you the new girl?" He asked, "Yeah.." You said. "Do you need help with anything? Like your classes or something?" He asked. "Um yeah here's my schedule." You say while handing him it. "Huh you got the same classes as me." He said looking at it then at you. The school bell rung which means time for class! "There's the bell." Zack said, "Come on follow me." He said starting to walk. You followed him into the school building.
  5. As you two walked in the hallway, everyone stopped what they we're doing and looked at both of you. "Why are they staring at us?" You asked him, "I don't know.." He said. "HEY LOOK ITS THE NEW COUPLE!!!!" Some kid yelled. You started to blush, "Uh here's the class we're suppose to be in.." He said. You two walked in the classroom and sat down. "I like Zack..I wonder if I should ask him out..." You thought. A girl walked up to Zack and started making out with him. You looked at them. "Hey Jessica." Zack said kissing her. "Hey Zack." She said, "Um who's that?" She said pointing at you. "Oh just a friend." He said. "Oh. Good." She said. You got really upset and walked out the classroom.
  6. Everyone looked at you while you we're leaving. "Oh no.." Zack thought to himself.
  7. I'M GETTING TIRED SOWWY!!!!!!!!!1
  8. OK BYE
  9. UM OK I NEED....
  11. NOT LITERALLY!!!!!!! BYE!!!

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