A Fun Math Quiz

There are namy people that are good at math. What if you want to be one of them? try this quiz out and score high your probably good at math!! why dont you try the quiz out then you will know if your one of them!

How good are YOU at math? take this quiz for some fun math questions and we will see how good you are at math! ahead and take this quiz!!!!! :DD

Created by: Tmn1023

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  1. 1+1=?
  2. 10í—10=?
  3. 56í·2=?
  4. 363+76-89=?
  5. 1.3+2.8=?
  6. The pet store has 7 birds. Two birds go in each cage. How much birds are left?
  7. Last year, thosends of people ran the Capital Town Marathon. The race is 4.2 kilometers long. The first person finished. Last place was at 3.7 kilometers. How far ahead was first place from last place?
  8. Gordon planted 3 times as many cucunber plants as Tom. Gordon planted 15 of them. How many did Tom plant?
  9. 1+2=3 (LOL theres the answer)
  10. This is the end of the quiz.

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