A Fallen Love Story Pt 1

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Hey guys this is my new series A Fallen Love Story. I hope you like it and don't forget to hit submit! Please check out my other quizzes if you haven't already! Love Complications and Hogwarts Is Such A Complicating Place...

This is about love that's just a little messy and maybe a little heartbreaking. I'll take you on some twists and turns and I hope you like them! The fallen are calling for you...

Created by: Bluebird

  1. Hey guys it's Bluebird again! I know... another series. I have two already but no... I'm not quitting the other ones unless no one takes them but this idea just popped into my head and I thought I'd use it. I wanted to see how it would go so... I hope you like it!
  2. The fall... The feeling as we all fall through the air from the heavens. The sworn and the regretful servers of Lucifer. Morningstar... light bringer... betrayer of heaven. We were doomed to fall into his grasp in the depths of hell. To serve in his rule. Never to return to heaven or to the light. To be deserted from the love and peace. From the things we took for granted. The things that we loved most of all. My darling love kept in the heavens... Gabriel. Only to appear in my dreams. We're now supposed to be enemies but I don't know if I have the spirit in me. The fall would go on for days. While we just fall... never getting any faster or any slower. We... The future demons, the fallen angels. We fall.
  3. The time had been long coming for the Morningstar. He wanted to grasp every one of our immortal souls and twist them in his grasps of hell. All the while time passes as the fall continues. For days we fell as the heavens mourned our loss. But also did not for we deserved our fate. We did not impact onto solid ground but we plummeted and we fell into hell. So long we had waited and now we were here. The time suddenly fell upon us and we gazed at the fiery pits and the screaming people. We longed for the heavens but we only got hell.
  4. When I think back on that time I weep for my loss. The loss of Gabriel. The loss of the heavens. I walk to the throne where Lucifer sits. Worldly in his rule. "Decarabia." He spoke clearly but loudly. I knelt in front of the throne and bowed my head. "My lord." "Astaroth!" He shouted as it echoed around everywhere. Suddenly the grand duke of hell appeared in front of me and he bowed to Lucifer. Astaroth was a good friend of mine if you can count demons as friends. But I am also a demon. "You may rise." We both stood before him as we awaited our instruction. "Hell needs a new soul and I need it tonight!" He shouted and went on. "Don't fail me Decarabia! You must take the life of someone tonight!" "Yes my lord." I said as I bowed my head. "Astaroth you must wreak some havoc on the human population. You shall spend a short time on the above. Do not fail me!" He ordered. "Yes my lord." He said. "You may go." He said with a wave of his hand. We lingered and he shouted, "Go do your job!" We quickly hurried off and got to work.
  5. We entered the puny mortal realm and went our separate ways. But first I got an unexpected kiss on the cheek from Astaroth. On the human plane he is called Trent and I am called Dawn. "Good luck." He whispered to me as he slipped off. I sneaked into the alleyway were I was bound to find someone that no one cared about. There were a lot of those. I sneaked along hidden in the shadows as I heard a sharp intake of breath around the corner in the deepest part of the alley. The dead end. It would have been a normal breath but with my enhanced hearing it sounds louder, clearer and easier to find. I snuck around the corner and attacked. I landed on top of him and he gasped. I held a dagger to his heart as he spoke, "What do you want from me?" He didn't sound as scared as I'd hoped but he was still rattled. "Your life." I said as I raised the dagger. I took a second to study him closer. He looked like the average human with a browny-redy hair and his eyes were a light redy-purple. I inched the dagger higher and was about to bring it down when I had a strange awake dream. "Decarabia! Put the dagger down. You don't have to do this!" I turned in my head and saw a perfect vision of Gabriel standing before me. "Gabriel!" I ran to him only to be blocked by an invisible wall. I touched my fingers to the wall lightly and he extended his fingers so that we both touched the invisible wall. "Gabriel." I whispered. "Decarabia." He whispered back. "What? What are you doing here?" I asked him. "I couldn't bare our parting any longer and I wanted to stop you... from killing him." He wasn't in the vision but I knew he was talking about the boy. The one I was about to kill. "He has a life. A family, friends. Dawn you don't want to do this. It's not right." "I-I have too." I whispered back. "Dawn please..." But he faded away. I was still atop the mortal in the alleyway and he was looking at me in a curious manner. Probably wondering why I hadn't killed him yet. "Gabriel..." I whispered and I raised the dagger an inch higher but... I couldn't do it. I dropped the blade and got off the mortal. I searched for my love but to no avail. "Gabriel!" I screamed. The pentacle on my arm burned and my heart burned with longing. I clenched a hand onto my wrist and fell to the ground. Tears running down my delicate face. "Why didn't you kill me?"
  6. I was still on the ground and I didn't look up at the mortal. "You're lucky mortal. Now go! Go!" "But why?" He continued. "Go before I change my mind!" I heard is footsteps as he walked away. Stopping for a second and then going on his way again. Astaroth found me in my state many minutes after. "It is a hard consciousness with the guilt of a murder." He told me. "But I have no conscious or any guilt." "Then why are you on the ground?" "I-I couldn't do it. He had too much to live for." "Decarabia!" He started with a concerned shout. "Lucifer will have your life for this." "Have you ever thought I am not afraid of Lucifer!" I stood up and went face to face with him. "Maybe my pain is so great already that I won't care. You don't know how this feels! You don't know what I feel..." I walked away from him and disappeared in a column of fire. To the pits of hell.
  7. There I stood. Again. In front of the Morningstar. Lucifer. I bowed my head as I knelt at his throne. "My lord." I still found it ironic that we called him my 'lord' because he was in fact the opposite. "You may rise." I rose and then he went into his anger phase. "You have failed me Decarabia! You have failed to bring me a life! However you have been loyal in the past so I won't take your complete life." "What do you mean?" I asked. "You are banished to the mortal world above. For as long as I shall keep you there." "Yes my lord." I said as I stepped down and out of the room. Back to the mortal world for me.
  8. Hey guys I know it was a short start but I hope you liked it and I can't wait to fully launch this series. Please comment otherwise I won't continue with the series. Comment & Rate 10!
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