A different supernatural love story part 3

recap:you found out you were a princess and met 4 cute dudes jace,evan,ian,nick.jace is an archangel and can teleport. Ian is a werewolf and has telepathy. Nick is a skin walker and has the power of invisibility. Evan is a shape shifter and has the power of knowledge and is omnilingual (the ability to understand any form of language). Samantha, Stephanie, and savannah are all Vetalas . nick and ian are cousins but hate each other.you are mad thayour parents never told you this... the anger and hurt caused u to faint

who do you love.is it ian. is it jace. is it evan. or is it nick. or is it too hard to pick. hope u enjoy this story and please read my question of the day.

Created by: starcross

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  1. Hi______. I look all around and I'm in a dark forest. It's weird I keep on hearing someone calling my name and saying hi_______. Then all of sudden I see kind of a shadow person. I got chills and stood to see who it is. The figure gets closer and closer. It's a little girl. She was kind of cute so I walked over to her. "Excuse me, do you know where my parents are"... "Umm no...I don't where I am or how I got here." Then she said "I'm scared, could you please help me find my mommy and daddy" "okay" she held my hand and I thought she was so cute... Then another person came. It was someone who looked very familiar but I didn't know where I saw him from. He was a tall man with kind eyes. He said "_________ don't go with her." So I stopped and then the little girl turned discolored, had slimy skin, hollow eyes and a round mouth with many teeth and grabbed me down and was choking me. I couldn't breathe. I felt lifeless and then I felt a warm hand on my chest. It was the man and he said "wake up _______. Wake up." Then finally I appeared in the room with sweat all over me and breathing hard. The boys and my friends were there looking worried.
  2. Then I said "guys I had a nightmare...it was really bad and when did I go to sleep first of all...it is still early" Jace took my hand and said calmly "you fainted"
  3. Then the man in my dream walked in and I started screaming and saying "you were in my dream well nightmare". He said "yeah but you could have died... the girl you were walking with shouldn't have been in your dream...she dream leaped into your head. She was choking you to death. Good thing I was there or you would have died in your sleep." "What but how did you save me and how did you get in my head in the first place." "Well I can dream leap too and I have the power of healing. You were out for a long time so I leaped into your head to see if everything was alright and I saw you with Melissa-the girl".
  4. Then I just realized who he was so I got off the bed and squealed "oh my gosh ...you were my principal in elementary school...Mr. Lampoon ...oh my gosh. You are a supernatural. Oh my gosh this can't be true." "Yes. I am. I am one of your secret protectors. You were in my school on purpose so I can make sure nothing happens to you. I still watch over you but you just didn't know it."
  5. That statement would sound really creepy if he wasn't my favorite principal. I was looking at Jace with his cute red highlights in his nice black hair and his nice tan. Then I notice his honey colored eyes and his facial features was a little similar to Mr. Lampoon except for Jace's hair color and nice tan. Mr. Lampoon was paler and had brown hair. Then I said "it's so weird, how much you and Jace look alike". Jace then interrupted and said "because this is my father. My name is Jace Edward Lampoon".
  6. I was thinking wow. Mr. Lampoon said "the girl you saw in your dream is named Melissa. she is an adult. Not a little girl but she can change into a little cute girl because she is a Changeling." "What is a changeling" "a replacement for real children but she showed you her real form when she started to choke you."
  7. "Wow. Just wow. This can't be happening... I can't believe people really want me dead. She looked so innocent then so scary."
  8. There was a mirror in front of me and I stopped talking when I saw red marks all over my neck. I touched my neck and it stinged really bad... I screamed in pain". Jace lifted me up and put me in my bed. It was so intense. After I touched it. It became more red and hurt like crazy. I started to cry because the pain wouldn't stop and started kicking uncontrollably and I saw my eyes turn black. Then nick got a shot and stuck it in my neck. I screeched so loud and started to see a rainbow color and everything blacked out.
  9. cliffhanger
  10. do you like this story...should i continue...nd guys could u please comment because i havent got any feedback so i dont know if its a good story or not...please be honest but not harsh..this story is for you so you can give me any suggestions

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