A chat with me.

I really want to talk to you! Yes, you! Right there! Yeah, they mouse looking for somethng to click! Yeah, so could you click me? I promise this will be fun!

In this quiz you will have a chat with... the one and only... ME!!! This will be the best ten minutes of your life, or your money back! Wait, this is free...

Created by: Leah
  1. I accidentaly bump into you on the street and we both fall down. You:
  2. I say, "Oh, sorry! I'm Leah, and you are?"
  3. "I really don't have anywhere in particular to go. Let's chat!"
  4. "Where were you going when we ran into each other?"
  5. "I have a family of one mother and one father, four sisters, and one brother. But we have issues..."
  6. "My mother and father hate each other, and my mother just threatned to get a divorce. I hate my mother, my brother, and one of my sisters. One of my sisters is in a different state, one of them the only thing i know about her is that she was shot in the leg, and one of them (my favorite) has been arested several times and is on drugs and alchohol."
  7. "I also have a lot of trouble in school, but not with grades. In fact, I'm in the gifted class because of how smart I am. It's the social part that makes me hate school."
  8. "A lot of people are very mean to me. There is this group of kids who always cuss, so they hate me just because I'm good. Also, there's this little brat named Lydia LeJuene that is always good, makes great grades, (But I make better grades) and everyone likes her and thinks hse's so sweet and perfect. Well, newsflash: SHE ISN'T! Oh, and my best freind is so mean to me that she makes me hate myself."
  9. "I really shouldn't dwell on that. It will only make me sadder..."
  10. "Oh, gosh! Look at the time! I need to get going. Well, I'm glad we got to talk!

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