Which Moe Type are you?

So I made a quiz. I forgot what I was making it for halfway through and right now my tummy hurts. Click on it and help starving whales. This is my sad attempt at being random.

Thanks for clicking. Have you tried Pottermore yet? That s--- is cray. I'll let you take your quiz now. fifty characters to go and I can stop typing.

Created by: MeganeYandere
  1. First quiz on new account! :D So um... Hi!
  2. Role play time: Someone just made your best friend cry, what do you do?
  3. Another RP: The person you like just asked you out, you...
  4. You obviously like anime/manga if you're taking this quiz, so, any favorites out of these?
  5. Idk if it's called moe type of what kind of moe or whatever, so ignore the title, meh.
  6. I'm running out of questions, so these won't matter.
  7. Wwill you fill buckets wwith me?
  8. What's wrong? Could it be you're...craving my McNuggies?
  9. Is it a Mary-Sue if they have a sad backstory?
  10. Alright, last question, Which do you think you are? Yeah I lied, this one counts. I'm probably forgetting one but whatever.

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Quiz topic: Which Moe Type am I?