A Chance for a Second Chance Part 1

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Welcome to my quiz!I am a quizwriter that is on this site.Let's see if you could guess who I am!I will not give it away,but I will comment it on the correct person's quiz!Thank you!

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Created by: Yo_whats_up

  1. "Ready to go _____?"Sydney asked me as we sped along the highway towards our destination."No.Take me back home,I hate the mall."I say with as much sarcasm as I possibly could. We're going to the mall to hang out with our friends."Do you think Jeremy will be there?"She asked me,her face already flushing.Jeremy is her "secret" crush.If secret means everyone but him knows.We pulled up in front of the mall,trying to find a parking space in the packed lot."Over there!"I yell pointing to an empty lot.Apparently I'm not the only one who noticed.A lady who looked like she was a grandmother was already ahead of us."Not today you old bag!"She exclaimed and sped up going fairly fast,skidding and sliding into the spot,giving me a heart attack in the process."Tell me again how you passed your driving test?""Because I'm awesome.That's why."She says back as an immediate answer.Sydney's my best friend as you can tell.It's sorta obvious.The seemingly nice granny(who was just about to pull in)suddenly turned livid,raising her cane as she got out of the car and toward our direction."Sydney,go!Enraged granny with a cane!"I yelled at her exiting the car,locking the doors as she also left.Her eyes grew wide as I grabbed her arm and ran full speed into the entrance of the mall."Do...you think...we lost her...?"She asks me in between huffs.I look back and see the old lady waving us away as if we're leaves in the wind."Yes.Fatigued already?"I say poking her side."Don't judge me.You know it's hard to run in heels."She says while trying,but failing tragically,to punch me.I roll my eyes,but can't help the giggle that escapes my lips.
  2. Before we go and meet our friends at wherever they might be,we decide to look around a bit.And by that,I mean stopping at every clothing store so Sydney could see if they had any cute shoes.She's a peace of work,ain't she?"Where do you think they are?"I ask her after we went into the eighth clothing store.The cursive letters above us flowed and slurred together spelling Aeropostale."Food Court."She says automatically.I've always been a little jealous of how outgoing and confident she is.How sure of herself.We stroll over to the food court,where sure enough,our friends are there.Sydney tries to hide the sudden jump she made as she saw Jeremy there,but like her punch,failed miserably,her falling over a chair.You know that saying,Real friends will always be there for you when you fall...right after they finish laughing the butts off?Well that's what's happening to me right now as I double over in pain having a laughing fit."Pull me up."She says lying on the floor,her arms protruding upward.I grab one,and with a swift tug,I lift her up."You're such a klutz."I say to her laughing slightly.She flashes me a smile and walks over to flirt with Jeremy.I sit back and order some food for us.I hear Jeremy laugh,and Sydney glances at me real quick.I wink back at her and give her a thumbs up sign.Later in the day,after our food arrives,Jeremy makes his way over to me.He opens his mouth as if to say something,but closes it looking suddenly confused.He then looks me straight in the eye."Do you think,that a girl like Sydney would like me?"He asks shyly.My mouth opens in amazement as I'm about to answer."I think-""Hey guys!Is that food?"Sydney says perkily as she walks over and takes a seat next to Jeremy."No.It's a bear trap.Don't touch it."I say sarcastically.She sticks her tongue out at me mockingly,and grabs a french fry.I stare at her,trying to get her attention while she focuses on dipping that fry into ketchup,and popping it into her mouth.When she finally notices me,I nod my head toward the ladies restroom,and get up.Being slow,but understanding,she stands up,and I excuse us from the table,leaving Jeremy looking at Sydney as she walks away.She holds open the door for me as we walk into the perfume filled room.I crinkle my nose in disgust.The scented air was as thick as water."What is it?"She asks me.I quickly tell her about what Jeremy said,and her eyes light up with excitement."What are you waiting for?Go tell him I like him!"She says shoeing me away.
  3. I quickly exit the bathroom,relieved to have "uncontaminated" air filling my lungs.I slowly walk over to a thoughtful looking Jeremy,who's staring at his shoes.He seems to jump a bit when I sit down,startling him."So,about Sydney....Do you like her?"I say,my voice sounding a little awkward.His gaze wanders from my eyes back to his shoe.I think he isn't going to answer,until I hear him say in a small voice,"Yes.Since the 7th grade."His gaze meets mine again.His eyes looking soft,with so many emotions,but one dominating the others:the emotion of "liking"."Are you telling the truth?"I say.He nods."Pinky swear?"I say grinning teasingly.He gives me a small smile and takes my pinky and wraps it around his.I can't help but notice the difference.I have the smallest hands out of everyone I know 9 and older.My mother calls them petite,but I just think it's weird."Well,that's good.Because she likes you to."I say.Now I'm the one staring at my feet.His eyes light up the way Sydney's did moments ago."Should I ask her out?"He says,excitement rising in the back of his throat."Go for it!"I say encouragingly."I'll go get her."I say heading back to the girls bathroom.Sydney waits by the door."Does he like me?Does he like me!Tell me now!"She says shaking my arm frantically.I nod and her happy scream fills the air."And he's waiting for you to come back out.So he can ask you out."I say plugging my ears knowing what was coming next:Shrieks of joy."Thank you _____!"She says running out the door,leaving me alone in the practically putrid room.I look in the mirror to see myself staring back at me.I look pretty.I think to myself.Although I'm still a bit uncertain.But hey,it's normal right?
  4. I slowly peek out the bathroom door to see that they're already holding hands.That was quick.The rest of the mall day rolls by fast.I do get to witness the new love birds' first kiss together though.By the water fountain,him telling her how beautiful she is.How long he's liked her.Her telling him the same....Man I need to get my own love life.While me and Sydney and another friend needing a ride home are on our way back to the car,we notice a paper on the wipers.As we get closer we see that it's a ticket.For parking in a disabled car spot.No wonder Granny was so mad!The note said that we had to pay $50.It's fine.Sydney's dad said to use when Sydney first started driving:If you ever get a ticket,I'll pay it.No wonder.Her parents are rich.I hop into the passenger seat while Sydney grabs the ticket and places it in her pocket."No problem."She says.She starts the car and we start our way home,pulling onto the highway,which seemed to be empty.We drove silently for about 10 minutes.The occasional random conversation coming up every now and then.It's normal.After such a great day,no one wants to shatter it with what someone says.Sydney starts speeding up a little bit,the speed limit raising every 30 miles."So _____,when are you gonna get a boyfriend?"She asks me so suddenly,that I was startled for a moment."I don't know."I honestly answer her.Then the friend that had been silent the whole time speaks up.Her name is Francine."You know, I've seen random guys giving you the eye."She says winking.I laugh slightly."I'll believe it when I-""Watch out!"Sydney yells as a van comes speeding up towards us.All I hear is the sound of our cars crashing,and the brief moment of searing pain,until the darkness creeping over the sides of my eyes completely washed my consciousness away.
  5. I'm dead.I'm dead.I'm dead.I say to myself over and over again in my head in the darkness around me."Correction."A new voice says."You're in a coma.Or as we call it,the "position for second chances"."It says.Suddenly confused,I ask,"Care to elaborate for me?""My pleasure.You see,when someone,like yourself,and your two friends,get into a life threatening accident like that,you most likely slip into a coma,correct?"It says to me.I slowly nod my head."Well,we invented the coma as a second chance for those who are close to death.Anyone that get's put into a coma has to choices:To take our challenge,and live if it is fulfilled,or refuse,or lose our challenge,and die.That is what happens to all people in the world who are in coma's.""But many of them don't make it."I say suddenly scared of what the challenge is."That is because the challenge isn't all that easy.Are you up to it?"I think."Well,what is the challenge?"I ask pondering."I cannot tell you that.You must either accept,or reject.Ever heard of the leap of faith?Well it's time to jump."Realization spreads through my mind.If I decline,I die.If I don't complete the challenge,I die.But on the other hand,if I complete it,I live."I'm going to accept the challenge.May I ask what it is now?""Certainly.Ask away."It says arrogantly."Fine.What is the challenge Mr.Oh so Wise Voice?"It chuckles a little.It's laugh becoming lost in the emptiness of my surroundings.
  6. "If you must know,the challenge...is a tough one.It's been the same challenge since we started the whole coma-second-chance thingy.""Not exactly the answer I was looking for."I said sarcastically.Then a thought crosses my mind."Is Sydney and Francine in coma's too?"I ask, suddenly holding my breath.Did one of them just die?"Yes.And sorry for the wait.I'll tell you the challenge now.""Yay."I say once again sarcastically."The challenge is that we give you a name of a person,and in ghost form,they're the only ones that can see you besides other ghosts.Using this,and the location of the person's house,school,etc, you must make them fall in love with you in 33 days."It says,it's voice suddenly strong.Okay then...."Well than....I guess I better get started!But,I have a favor to ask."I whisper to him,suddenly feeling the need to whisper."Could you give Sydney the name, Jeremy Quent?"I say hoping to cheat Sydney into her second chance."Well,I could,but I'd have to erase all his memories of her up to this point."I gasp.That's.just.cruel!"Is there no way for him to remember?"I say,my voice shaking a bit from new frustration.I can't have Sydney hurt like that.Seeing the guy she likes suddenly forget who she is."Well,the only way is if she gets him to fall in love with her again.Then his memory will be restored,and they can live happily ever after.That sound good enough?"It says copying the exact way I use sarcasm.I nod.Because I know she'll make it now.All she needs to do is stay strong."Anyone like that you would like me to set up for you?"It asks me,interest suddenly dripping out of every word.I shake my head."I see.Well Good luck."It says.
  7. The darkness around me suddenly starts to turn a grey color,which will eventually turn white."Wait,what's the name!"I scream out."His name is Shane Dalton.He goes to River Valley High!He lives on frental Dr SW.If you ever want to transport,just think in your mind,'I want to go to...yada yada yada.Like I said.Good luck!"It said to me,it's voice fading of the word luck.So,Shane huh?I'm ready.But first I need to check...'Go to the hospital that I'm in!'I think,and suddenly after a pop and a moment of blindness,I'm standing before my body.It's weird seeing myself.An oxygen mask was on me,wires every,my left arm and right leg in casts,and a bruise on my forehead.The doctors around me chattered away,trying to find a way to bring me out of this coma.'Don't even try.'I want to tell them.'This is all on me.'And suddenly,I realize why they say during those cheesy dramatic movies,' her survival depends on herself now.'. I hear a noise suddenly,similar to the noise I made when I teleported here.I turn around to see Sydney there,eyes wide when she sees me.I see her father sitting in the chair besides her bed,along with her siblings.I suddenly realize that maybe my family's here to.I turn to see only my mother and little sister there.And they're weeping like crazy.And I'm having the feeling it is not just for me and Sidney.Then I realize it:Where's Dad?
  8. CliffHanger!
  9. So please,comment on whether or not you think I should Continue!Also on what you thought of it!It helps!I swear!
  10. Also,if you haven't,read the beginning words please!Thank you so much!

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