A bunch of white roses

Hi everyone. Thanks for opting to take this quiz. It's a short story actually. I stumbled upon this idea while surfing through the net so it's not my original idea but I rly like the story and heres the complete piece with my addition and ornamentation. So read on.

I think I said everything necessary in the first paragraph but wht's left is to say that please pass on your comments on how it was and yeah, don't forget to rate and comment. So, what r u waiting for? Scroll down and enjoy!

Created by: Dead_end

  1. Chap#1~ An amiable change
  2. Chap#2~ Mission impossible
  3. Chap#3~ Prom
  4. Chap#4~ Mission impossible 2
  5. Chap#5~ waltz into dampness
  6. Chap#6~ 6 yrs later~The big day
  7. Chap#7~ A single white rose
  8. Chap#8~ Gone girl
  9. Chap#9~2 yrs later~ Meeting her again
  10. Chap#10~ A spectatorless confession.

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