Just a Dash of Insanity

So, you stumbled upon my little quiz, ey? Hmmm? Well, this is a story quiz, where a bunch of guys fall in love with you and all that. And just FYI, this is my first quiz, so go easy on me please!

I tried to make it more realistic (Yeah, who am I kidding?). Well, it seems I have reached the number of words needed, so, reader (If you're even reading this), go, GO TO THE QUIZ!

Created by: ThisIsMyName

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  1. The sky was blue, the sun was bright, and you hated it. It was Monday morning, and you forgot to shut the blinds. Slowly, you turned over and stuffed your arm in front of your face. Monday, you sighed, the start of a brand new school year.
  2. You never had any friends, they all avoided you because of your status. You had no parents--died--or relaives--also dead--so you were labeled a freak. You sighed, and got off of bed, your hair mussed up. You patted the bed sheets for a second, before deeming it neat enough, and leaving to the bathroom. In there, you washed yourface and everythin else for the daily washing-up ritual. Brush. Apply. Wash. Brush. Apply. Wash. Again. Again. Done. You left, and went to your Closet. you decide to wear...
  3. You left your house, walking along the cold sidewalk, your mind began to drift...when a suden dash of white distracted you. What was that? You rub your eyes, blinking several times.There! Again! You wander a little closer, keeping your eyes wide, not blinking. BOOM, it runs into you before running off again. Dammit! you blinked. What the heck is that thing? You grab a nearby stick, and tiptoe into the bushes, stick held up baseball style.
  4. You approach the bush, hands quivering. WHAM, the white ball hits you again, and you drop your stick, but still managing to grab the white ball. HA. The ball shivered, and muttered, "I'm late." Before zooming out of your hands. Argh, lost it again. You run after it, not giving up after this heck of a fight. "Late! Oh dear, oh dear, I'm late!" The white thing continued to say as it dashed through the woods. You chased it, hands balled into fists as they swayed back and forth mechanically. Before you could catch it, it was gone. Poof. Disapeared. Your footsteps slowed down, until there was nothing to stand on. You were on a hole. Down and down you fell, spiralling into the impossibly deep hole.
  5. You landed in a garden, with flowers grass, and a fountain in the middle. Slowly, you stood up, patting your back for any dirt. Where's the white ball?
  6. You wandered around, before stumbling apon a gate. There were two boys there, twins, you think. They had a glint in their eyes which made them seem mischeivious, and mussed up black hair, the kind that enphasizes on their almond eyes. They had pale skin, that still looked healthy, and were wearing uniforms. The inly difference was that one had the right eye pink and the other bloue, when the other had the opposite way around. "Diddle-dee am I" The one on the left said, "And I, am Diddle-Dum." Said the right, "What do you need?" They grinned, hands reaching out as they mock-bowed. You smiled a bit at their antics, but said, "I'm afraid I'm lost." Diddle-dee frowned, "Go Left!" he said, exactly when Diddle-Dum pointed right. You looked at them, and said, "What's in the middle?" They frowned, "The hatter's tea party. But they're quite mad, you see." You nodded, but opted to go in the middle anyway. "Thanks, but I think I'll still go with the middle."
  7. You trudge on, hopelessly, lost once again. "Hey" a voice calls, "What do you want?" You look around, confused, before spotting a cat-man on a treebranch, lazily yawning. He had sleepy eyes, with one dark blue-purple iris an one light silver-grey, which emphasized on his perfect, flawless skin, which emphasized his silky dark hair, streaked with puple and red and silver hues. He had cat ears--which were peirced--aand a lazily waving tail. he was wearing punk clothes, and had a intricate marking on his neck, and under one eye. You look up, and say, "I'm lost, where is the hatter's tea party?" He looked down at you and yawned, but pointed ahead. You sighed in releif, and ran ahead, looking back and calling "Thank you," before you left.
  8. You walk on, and you spot a table up ahead. There, sat a man with bright messy red hair, and clear blue eyes, sewing hats. You assume he is the hatter, so you call his name, "Hatter?" He turns around, and you see his featues more clearly. He had long eyelashes, and high cheekbones. His lips curved in a smile that looked like it will never go away, "What? Dear ickle-fairy-bottom?" You glance at his hats, and ask, "Where's the tea party?" HAtter sighed, "you came too late, m'dear. It ended an hour ago. Now, try on this hat." and with that, he stuffed an overlarge hat on your head. "My,my, Much better." He smiled, and you smiled back, "Well, its been nice, but i really need to go." He frowned, "Oh. Now, really? Goodbye then, SweetButterBall."
  9. You walk around, wandering. The sky was dark, and you were getting tired. Ahead, you see a little cottage. You go up and knock.
  10. The door opens and you see a guy with bunny ears. He had curly blond hair, and bright green eyes, and he has a pair of glasses. "Oh, dear ____! I knew you would come!" and flung himself into your arms. You look at him, and push him away, "Who are you? What do you want?" He looks hurt, and he shrunk. literally. Into the white ball, that was actually, a bunny. "Its you!" You gsp "You!" He resumed normal sze and smiled, triumphant, "yes, _____, It is me. I asusme you want explaination?" You nodded "Well...it started..."
  11. THE END. Should I continue? COMMENT and RATE please :)

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