.what celeb guy is for you?

girls there are many celeb boys that you might think are cute but what one is right for you? could you maybe end up matching with just the right celeb?is there a celeb fo you?

if you take this quiz you could instantly find out what celeb hottie is the one for you! just answer some questions and you can find the right guy!and trust me evry girl has a celeb match up!

Created by: bailey

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. where whould you want your first date with a celeb to be at?
  2. what is your fav candy?
  3. what would you wear on a date with your celeb bf to a dance?
  4. how many kids would you want?
  5. do you want a celeb boyfriend??
  6. what kinda hair should he have?
  7. what occupation as a celeb?
  8. what movie whould you rather watch with a celeb bf?
  9. what kinda girl are you?
  10. what color hair do you like best on celeb boys?

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