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Yay finally! I took forever on this one. I hope more people start reading my Warriors Love story... Anyways, I hope I get part 4 done before Valentines Day! >:) Because... you and Bayoubreeze go on a date!

Yay finally! I took forever on this one. I hope more people start reading my Warriors Love story... Anyways, I hope I get part 4 done before Valentines Day! >:) Because... you and Bayoubreeze go on a date!

Created by: Emma LAWL

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  1. Lalala... Skipping 3 months- er moons ahead!
  2. "WAKE UP! WAKE UP!" Someone hollered. The silver butterfly turns into mist. "WAKE UP!" A ginger paw tries to grab you. You race through the trees, with your heart beating rapidly. "(your name) if you don't wake up now! I'll..." the voice trailed off. The silver butterfly appeared again. Suddenly the voice returned,"I'll teach you how a real warrior fights!" The ginger paw squished to butterfly. Then it smashed you. A breeze brushed through your fur. You were falling. You open your mouth to scream, but no sound escapes. You open your eyes, and gasp! "Nevermind Streamleap! She woke up!" Squirrelpaw mewed. You stretch, then yawn. "I had a nightmare." You murmur. "Was it about me again?" She teased. "Yup," You say starting to groom yourself, "And this time you were squishing me."
  3. "Hmm, interesting." Squirrelpaw mewed. As you walk out of the den you bump into Blackfur.
  4. Even if you made a mean remark Blackfur says,"Oh my! I am so sorry!" You get up, and shake yourself off. "Glad I bumped into you!" Backfur said pausing. "Because I was wonderingifyoucouldgohuntingwithme." Blackfur quickly mewed. "What?" You say. Blackfur took a deep breath. "I was wondering if you..., could go hunting with me." He said. "Sorry, I can't. I'm teaching Squirrelpaw some battle moves." You reply. Blackfur sighed and walked away discourged. "What was that all about?" You inquire. "I think he likes you." Squirrelpaw whispered back. You ignore her comment and say,"Lets not keep this from our lesson!" You say loudly. As you walk toward to entrance you hear Squirrelpaw giggle behind you.
  5. "This is a simple move." You tell her. "Get on top of me." You instruct. You notice her confused look so you quickly add, "Like if you were fighting me." Once Squirrelpaw was is position you slide your paws across her belly. "In a real battle my claws would've been unsheathed. This move can hurt the opponent, and get him to loosen his grip so you can make a quick escape. If needed." You explain. "OOO! Let me try!" Squirrelpaw squealed.
  6. Once Squirrelpaw was good at the move you taught her a few others. By the time you came back to camp it was dusk. "You did well." you praised her, "Well enough to go to the gathering!" Squirrelpaw yawned, "But I don't want to! Because I'm tired!" "Oh come on!" you mewed, "It'll be fun!" Squirrelpaw finally agreed.
  7. At the gathering your clan settled in near Moorclan. A dark gray Moorclan she-cat came up to you. "Hi, I'm Cederheart! This is my first gathering as a warrior!" She purred. "Congrats!" You say. A handsome light brown tabby tom comes up. He observed you with his beautiful green eyes. "This is my brother, Bayoubreeze! He's from a different litter, so he's about your age." Cederheart exclaimed. "Hey." Bayoubreeze said akwardly. Cederheart grinned, as Squirrelpaw came up to you. "Are these your friends?" She asked. "Sure?" You reply.
  8. You notice Squirrelpaw eyeing a Pineclan tom. "I guess I got to get going!" she said, starting to run over to the tom. Before she was able to reach him the gathering began.
  9. All clan were doing well. A few other clans moetioned the rogues, and Streamclan said they made camp near the edge of their territory. As you started to leave Bayoubreeze raced up to you. "So I'll see you next gathering?" He asked. "Sure!"
  10. The next day you wake up from a dream about Bayoubreeze. And you don't know why. You see Streamleap by the nursery playing with the kits from Briarfly's litter. "I love kits!" Streamleap told you. "Someday I want to have my own." Briarfly came out of the den. "No you don't!" She told him, "If you do (your name) will have such a hassle caring for them. Kits are a nightmare!" "NO! Not with (your name)! We aren't mates! You got this wrong!" "Sure I did." Briarfly said sarcasticly. Streamleap's expression made you feel like he wasn't inerested in you like a mate at all. Or maybe, he didn't want Briarfly know about his crush..., you think. "Now come on kits! Time to go to sleep!" "But we don't want to go to sleep Graykit complained. "You'll play with Streamleap tomorrow." she promised, as they went inside the den. "Me and you? Briarfly's crazy." Streamleap hissed. "Speaking of mates..." Stream said looking at you. "Your my best friend, and your a she-cat, so I need you advice." You listen. "I like this she-cat-" Me, you think hopefully. -"Her name is Icepetal." He whispered. Your heart stopped. You felt like you were falling. He doesn't like me...He doesn't like me...He doesn't like me...He doesn't like me...He doesn't like me...He doesn't like me...He doesn't like me...He doesn't like me...He doesn't like me...He doesn't like me...He doesn't like me...He doesn't like me...He doesn't like me...He doesn't like me...He doesn't like me..., you repeated in your head. "Are you okay?" Streamleap asked. "Fine." You spat coldly. Streamleap brightened up and asked, "So any advice?" He purred. "Talk to her." You say coldly, and silently think to yourself; and don't break her heart like you did to me.
  11. You left Streamleap. Scareletnight entwined his tail with yours. You kept it there. He let you lean on his chest. "Hey, It's okay if your feeling down." he purred. You sadly nod.
  12. The next day you, and Scarletnight went hunting. He made you nothing harmed you. When you got a tiny cut on your pad he freaked out, and sent you to Hazelfeather's den. You found this amusing. Hazelfeather didn't. She said you were using up supplies you could've used in a battle. This is when you got a bit mad at Scarletnight.
  13. You curl up in your nest. You feel Scarletnight wrap his tail around you. Across the den you see Streamleap entwin his tail with Icepetal. You sigh and close your eyes. You feel Scarletnight's breath aganist your neck. "I love you." He whispered. When he said that you pretended you were asleep.
  14. The sun rayes shine through the cracks of the den. You open your eyes, and stretch. "Good morning!" Scarletnight purred. Give me some space! You thought. "Want to go on a patrol with me, and Darktail?" "Sure," You replied.
  15. The patrol leaves camp, and you head towards Moorclan border. You feel Scarletnight's fur gently brush aganist you. Darktail and Scarletnight start to mark to border. You see a Moorclan patrol come up. Your eyes light up when you see Cederheart. SHe starts to race toward you, to say a friendly hello. She's just stepping across the border when Scarletnight bowls her over. You gasp, "What are you doing!?" "She was going to attack you!" He hissed. Cederheart struggled. "STOP!" You hiss. "STOP PROTECTING ME! I'M NOT A KIT!" YOu yell. Right now everyone was staring at you in shock. Embarressed you run into the woods.
  16. Scarletnight raced after you. You climb a tree hoping to get away from him. Once you're secure in a branch. You start to breath normaly again. "Come down!" Scarletnight yelled. A crowd gathered around the tree. "You're right, I was wrong! I was being too overprotective!" You slowly climb down. Scarletnight leans in toward you and touches muzzles. You spot Darktail casting a murderous glance toward Scarletnight. You ignore it.
  17. It was sunset. The warriors headed towards the den. You notice Streamleap and Icepetal leave camp. You head to your den when you also see Darktail leaving. "Where are you going?" you ask. "Just for a walk." He said as if he didn't want you in his business. "Not without me!" You purr. You start to walk up to him when he stops you, "I really don't want anyone coming." He told you coldly. As he left you got a strange feeling...
  18. The sun was just starting to rise, but you were already hunting with a patrol. You split up. You were with Darktail, and Scarletnight. You had to admit, Darktail looked like he didn't get any sleep. His fur was mangled, like he was fighting or somthing. You walk through the forest. The wind gently brushes your muzzle, and the forest is full of life and sounds. You sniff the air. "Fox, and it's fresh." Darktail says for you. You shiver. Scarletnight stands next to you protectively. "We should leave. I don't want (your name) getting hurt." You growl, since yesterday he said he was going to stop treating you like a kit.
  19. "Yes. We should go and report this to camp." Darktail mewed, obviously wanting to get away as fast as possible.
  20. The scent of the fox became very strong. You turn back and suddenly you hear a growl in the bushes. In bushes you catch a glinze of amber eyes.

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