"The Saga Of Darren Shan" (my Style!) Pt1

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I love Darren Shan books! They're amazing and so cool! I thought let's make a quiz about it! I hope you like it!

In this part, you and Darren and Steve are 14! They're not a vampire yet! Let's see how they become a vampire..

Created by: dragon

  1. So, this quiz is about the adventure that you'll have with a boy called "Darren shan". In this story, you're Darren's best friend and you'll be with him all the time! This quiz is for girls and boys! If you're a boy, your name is "Justin sprout"and if you're a girl, your name is"ashley sprout". You and Darren are 14 years old here! Ready to start?
  2. So, you're in class, siting beside Darren. Mr. Dalton is teaching history. You're so bored. You think your life is boring, you wanna do something diferent, something cool, something.. RRrrIIiiNNgggG!(it was the bell's sound!).
  3. You leave the class with Darren and Steve. They're your bff's! Steve says:"guess what!?""what!?"you and Darren say together! Steve puts his hand into his pocket and gives a ticket!
  4. "cirque du freak!?"(it's in french!)says Darren.
  5. The show was in saturday, at 10pm! Dude, it was late! But you really wanna go there. So you go to Steve's house. You see Darren there too!"so, this is the plan, my mom and dad will sleep at 9:30! We'll get out at 9:45 to be sure that they're asleep! Any questions?"Steve says"..
  6. It's 9:45. You three leave the house slowly. Steve is taking you somewhere."do you know where are you going?"askes Darren."offcourse I know!"says Steve.
  7. "it should be here.."Steve says slowly."WHAT!? YOU MEAN WE'RE LOST!? "Darren says."no we're no!"
  8. "hello children"a voice come from your back. You turn around and you see a really tall man! When I say tall I mean really, really tall!"wwooww!"Steve says slowly.
  9. "hello, I'm mr. Tall. The owner of the circus!"says the man."wanna see the circus?""yeah!"says Darren. And this is the beging of your cool adventure! Wait! It's not cool, IT'S AWESOME!
  10. This quiz is finish! Don't' forget to see the next part! Bye!

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