Whats Your Style (normal clothes!)

Have you ever wondered what style you have? I will also predict some good stores you might like! But image is important find out what image people see you as by the way you dress!

Hope you like my quiz its for girls only!! Unless your a dude that likes wearing dresses and skinny jeans! I hope my results are acurate! I made this quiz because i felt most style quizzes dont have my kind of style.

Created by: bravogrl98
  1. First Day of School!! What do you wear?
  2. Your best friend is having a party what do you wear?
  3. Its a super cold school day! You wear?
  4. whats your favorite hairstyle?
  5. Fav color to wear?
  6. 1st Date! What do you wear?
  7. favorite brand?
  8. Do you own a jersey?
  9. Last Question! You go to mexico on vacation what do you make sure to bring? (for the reasons i listed)
  10. Sorry! Now is the last question! Did you like my quiz?

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Quiz topic: Whats my Style (normal clothes!)