"Sergeant Flipper" Coming Soon.

Omg I thought I was done but I thought wrong so WTF f--- am I doing staying up so late. Thanks for taking my quiz and commenting on my series making. I hope this series gets to make it.

These are my parting words and my good byes. Ihax fun messing Arouf in GTQ but now I have to take my final leave. Goodbye everyone and a happy new year.

Created by: K3VIN

  1. I just wanted to tell people about Sergeant Flipper before I make it. I don't want to make a series and no one read it. So, comment and say thumbs up or thumbs down if you want this series to be made.
  2. So, this is how Sergeant Flipper is going to be read. They are penguins that have a little boat, so theres Mr. Flipper, known as Sergeant Flipper. And, his assistant private. Private is the dumb one screwing up everything. And he always blows up the ship or snakes it or just anything.
  3. Honestly, I have nothing else to say but think about what I said and leave in the comments. Please and thank you!
  4. So, I just wanted to get that out. Carrot encouraged me to think about making some bits about the thing. But, I don't know if I'm good enough sooo.
  5. Tim really trying to entertain and get my status bar up.
  6. Are you ready for me to stop talking?
  7. I wish someone could bring back my old sergeant flipper bit.
  8. Did you like?
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