Who are you in Harry Potter?

Have you every wondered who you are in Harry Potter? Have you ever thought it would be cool to find out who you're like in Harry Potter. If you have, do this quiz.

You can get some of your favourite characters, or your least favourites. Just be honest, and see who you get. I hope you like the quiz, and please comment.

Created by: MG

  1. You are:
  2. On the weekend, you:
  3. Your favourite color is:
  4. Your favourite subject is:
  5. Your favourite animal is:
  6. Your favorite hobby is:
  7. When you grow up, you want to be:
  8. Your favourite part of Hogwarts is:
  9. Your favourite hobby is:
  10. Your favourite HP book is:

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Quiz topic: Who am I in Harry Potter?