(my first ever quiz)what role do you play in a fantasy party

this is just a dummy quiz of sorts basically just to test out the quiz creation feature. dont take this quiz seriously. if you want to try out the quiz to see what you get you may but it will be very obvious :3

this is nothing time is just an illusion free yourself from earthly shackles and yada yada blah blah blah just trying to fill up space space is almost filled space is now filled

Created by: blank

  1. what do you like to do?
  2. blank will do nothing
  3. dont answer this or it will change your results :3
  4. i need to fill out space
  5. just skip down
  6. why are you still reading this?!
  7. dont you have a life?
  8. how was your day
  9. do you want the pass code to edit this quiz?
  10. here is the passcode
  11. alright done and done

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Quiz topic: (my first ever quiz)what role do I play in a fantasy party