(Long-ish quiz) How much do you know about TXT?

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welcome to the how much do you know about TXT quiz you must answer all of the questions correctly if you want to get 100% and also this quiz is good for TXT fans but it isn't good if you are not a TXT fan so yeah. TXT fans you can probably end up getting all the answers right. but it will be funny to see all the non-TXT fans have a go at this lol.

pls comment ur score once u are done. i wanna know how much you guys got. and i will say this: DO NOT BE OFFENDED IF YOU GOT A LOW SCORE OR YOU DIDNT GET 100% OR YOU JUST DONT LIKE UR SCORE!!!!! OK I DONT WANNA BE RUDE BUT JUST DONT GET MAD AT ME OK?? :/

Created by: HyukasPlushies of this is my tumblr check it out
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  1. ok here's an easy one. how many members are in txt?`
  2. is this the correct fanchant: Choi Soobin! Choi Yeonjun! Choi Beomgyu! Kang Taehyun! Huening Kai! TXT!
  3. who is the maknae (and my bias UwU)
  4. is it pronounced "tomorrow x together" or "tomorrow by together"?
  5. which one was born in hawaii
  6. who stayed in america for two years
  7. true or false: did they do a cover of "thank u next" by ariana grande?
  8. who had purple hair in Cant You See Me era
  9. what is Tyunning
  10. true or false: is Huening Kai's real name Kai Kamal Huening?
  11. who is main visual and center of the group?
  12. who is the leader?
  13. who is the oldest member?
  14. who is Hyuka
  15. when did TXT debut
  16. what is the TXT fandom name called?
  17. what does the date "14 August 2002" mean??
  18. ok, now what is 5th february 2002?
  19. ok now 13 march 2001???
  20. 5th december 2000?
  21. ok last one of these. 13 september 1999?
  22. which one said "why do we need math when there is a calculator"
  23. who wears a bucket hat in Angel or Devil m/v?
  24. ok finish the lyric, a hint is that it's from blue hour: "can you feel the ____"
  25. what was the title track of the dream chapter: star?
  26. what song is this lyric from? "it will be alright alright alright"
  27. what is their first japanese album called?
  28. who is the shortest member in the group
  29. which one likes Molang, plushies and gummy sweets? (hint: he is my bias if you were paying attention in one of the questions)
  30. who is NingNing
  31. who is the tallest member in the group
  32. ok. so any TXT fan is going to know who the REAL maknae is. but who do TXT fans call the "fake" maknae?
  33. who is an MC with arin from oh my girl?
  34. who screams a lot
  35. who makes dolphin noises? XDDD only TXT fans could know this one lol
  36. who has a super loud laugh that all TXT fans could recognise???

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Quiz topic: (Long-ish quiz) How much do I know about TXT?