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  • Don't worry about it. I'm sure everyone feels that way when they start out. (I know I did) Just do what you want to do. Even if people accuse you of coping, don't listen to them. They just want to make you feel worse. And if you need help, just ask me. :)

    Sapphire Flames
  • Don't worry I felt like that when I started writing my first series... It was scary as sh-t man. But you don't know how it will turn out till you try it right?:) And if you need help just ask:)

  • Don't worry I feel that... Just get ready for the quiz and then just post it online. If ou see that kind of comment... Cancel the quiz

    I'm first to comment yay!!!!!

  • You should do it, mate

  • ok guys thanks for all the support.

    ill post the quiz somtime soon. its late and i should be sleeping

    either today or tomorrow

  • I KNOW!!! Write a book or whatev it is!!!


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