Hard Greek Mythology

There are many great quizzes. I the common minded man believes this quiz rises above every other one and this quiz can only be attempted of one of pure wits and knowledge, but the really question is do you attempt to rise above the scholars and attempt to have keen wits like Hermes and Knowledge like Athena, well will you dare find out?

The politically correct term for one who can crack any mystery puzzle or question is called a sleuth are you one? Or are you a common detective or even lower genius. Well this is the final test. H the gods on your side and prepare for a great challenge!

Created by: Jake McConnell
  1. Who is Percius's wife?
  2. How many Labors did Heracles (Hercules) have?
  3. Which Monster is called the "Furies"
  4. Who is Epimetheus's wife?
  5. Who is the god of fire?
  6. Who is Orpheus's mom?
  7. Who is arguably the stupidest king who has ever lived?
  8. Who is the Titan condemned to hold the sky forever?
  9. Who is the Titan condemned to hold the sky forever?
  10. Who is the mother of Dionysius?
  11. Who is arguably the wisest King who has ever lived?

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