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  • Oooo... Nick Jonas,, Niicee... Good quiz

    Jenny101 Aug 15 '14, 6:18AM
  • seriously mr.hoch...5/10 P.S do all of these anwsers have to have a death ending

    des4life Aug 31 '13, 9:19AM
  • hny r u ready 2 marry me

    vincen crol kibz Aug 15 '12, 9:17AM
  • hny r u ready 2 marry me

    vincen crol kibz Aug 15 '12, 9:15AM
  • ewww nick jonas? please i would rather die -.- he's so gay!!

    Athena246810 Apr 25 '12, 5:13PM
  • men CAN die from breast cancer. i shud know my friends dad did!

    graceegan Apr 3 '12, 6:05PM
    Your Result: Nick Jonas
    You and Nick Jonas have a lovely wedding in California on a beach ten years later. Nick quits the Jonas Brothers band to be with you and creates a solo album for love songs written for you. It's all basically good, but girls are always egging your beach house because they still love Nick themselves. Unfortunately, your husband at the age of 67 dies of breast cancer.

    graceegan Apr 3 '12, 6:04PM

  • Mr. Hoch leaves his wife for you, in which you get married in Alaska (It was his idea). Then you get really bored and angry with him from his many boring tales of his son and wife, so you secretly thrown him into an icy river. An old Japanese phsyco encounters the ice cube containing him in the year of 2894, thinking he is a caveman from 2500 BC. The man gets suddenly famous when his big hit "I HAVE A HAT" is discovered on Youtube.

    *ahhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhh*

    AzizaMyDear Aug 4 '11, 5:11PM
  • oooh wow. u guys r frreaking babies shut the hell upp its a freaking inside joke. k byee :))

    poopu Jun 5 '11, 9:06PM
  • I love the jonas brothers

    lavamonster321 Nov 16 '10, 10:23PM
  • (Girls Only) WHO WILL YOU MARRY?!?!?
    Your Result: Mike Bell
    At the age of 23, you will marry Mike Bell who will later on be on the Chicago Cubs team. Then Mike gets in an accident, causing him to retire and both of you to move to Viva Las Vegas. You soon get a divorce with him, he goes back to Palos Hills looking for Erica only to see that she has married another person and moved to Hawaii. Then he sadly gets hit by a school bus.

    Isaiah N.
    Mr. Hoch
    Sebastian W.
    Eric M.
    Eric H.
    Nick Jonas
    Vanessa K.
    POOR MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Toni Rox May 4 '10, 10:22AM
  • @cali100 the same thing that I want!!

    jeanettemily1109 Apr 25 '10, 3:48PM
  • who is mike bell? o well this is a fnny quiz!!!

    cheezeeballs0001 Feb 6 '10, 9:55PM
  • you suck!!!! i wanted to marry joe jonas or someone HOT not an illegal!!! this quiz is crap! :(

    Cali100 Jul 27 '09, 11:37AM
  • sweet i got nick jonas. and yes im jobro fan so what

    iceprincess95 Jun 25 '09, 4:55PM
  • Nick Jonas ha ha ye

    anna1254 Mar 8 '09, 10:22AM

    Taliah Baby Feb 12 '09, 9:48AM
  • Wow, seriosuly people, it's just a quiz. You're not really gonna marry these people!

    mbrox1017 Feb 10 '09, 8:33PM
  • ..WOW.

    SparklingFallenAngel Feb 10 '09, 1:45AM
  • Your Result: Eric M.

    You marry Eric in a dark city ally with a psycho hobo as the priest. Five years later, you run out of money because of your husband's many sugar rushes and hospital bills. After you then go nuts from trying to make more money by biting off your fingers and selling them on the street, you kill Eric and throw him body off the edge of a building in which it falls to the sidewalk and knocks out an old man. Then you blame Mike Bell for this.

    Ok that was completely random and instead of some weird story you should have a description at the end

    kitkat16 Feb 9 '09, 11:35PM
  • i got nick.. but men CANNOT die of BREAST cancer

    twilight101 Feb 9 '09, 9:34PM
  • All i got was Sebastion. It was a pretty nice quiz, but try MY quiz. I've already gotten some great reviews on it. Try, What Creature are you in the Night World?

    Ebillan Feb 9 '09, 6:22PM

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