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  • Damn u damn u y did u have to put a cliffhanger there I just LOVE the series that's y I'm so addicted to it, it's so AMAZING I just can't believe it I REALLY do LOVE the the series make the nexxt chapter SOON LIKE SOON SOON like SOON SOON SOON (if that wasn't clear enough) SOON SOON SOON SOON SOON SOON seriously SOON (that's like 12 SOONS (lol))

  • So many false cliffhangers, and you got me at each one XD I think that the person this time is Carlos =o I love your series :3 can't wait for part 14!

  • I hate you for that cliffhanger! You know just when to put them so that the suspense is at its highest point! I can't wait for the next part!

    elf maiden
  • i luv this thing 4 these parts there awsom

    emo kupkake

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