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  • OMC how long has this been out??? I hope I didn't miss the release by too much time :C I just saw your comment on singin's newest story and decided to check up on your profile and saw this. Anyway :3 John ^^ yush, I did like him better anyways! Oh oh oh T.T it's always so bittersweet to see another story go, but I loved the ride - shame Joseph is a cowardly rat and ran away before we could utterly obliterate his evil ass off the face of the earth x.x thank you for the shout-out, but I was glad to follow your writing! Were-tiger pack = utterly awesome (esp. Isaac [but "me" first, of course ;P]). Ah, I can't believe it's been over a year since you first posted this series, and even longer since your first series. It's been a pleasure to read your story, and congrats on a job well done!! I hope to see when your next story comes out (either POV is fine, really, if you have a certain description/persona lity in mind, first-person does work better, if not, 2nd is great too), so when you do write it up, please tell me! Just attack the comments board of whatever my newest quiz is at that moment or leave a message on my website - I'll get it :)

    Otra vez, gracias por un cuento maravilloso! Cheese1234, tu eres... "awesome". (perdname por mi Espaol malo :P )

  • Wow, that was awesome! Personally I would have definitely just gone with John. ALL of it was just amazing, thanks for making this :D

  • perdoname* and Espanol* it was supposed to show the correct accents, but apparently GTQ doesn't like that :P


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