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  1. "I am sorry to inform you miss Cunning, but your parents were involved in an accident and died instantly" This took me by shock, I stood up "Jessie" John says sympathatically. I got walked in the garden and I fall
  2. Scene: week after parents death, In the library, at 11 am, with friends and family
  3. "We are all gathered here to read the wills of Robert and Marie Cunning" the short, chubby, bald lawyer said. No sound was made, to my left was John, to my right Aunt Milda, teary eyed, beside John was Courtney, beside Aunt Milda, my cousin Ashley and her husband James, and others, "To my beautiful sister, I leave her as the guardian to my wonderful daughter" my aunt looked surprised yet happy "To my niece and nephew in-law, I leave you with all my little children clothes, for your future little children" the list went on "And finally to our beautiful daughter, we leave you a box marked 'For A Rainy Day' you should open it on a rainy day" I was utterly surprise, no money or valuables were left. He read something else "You all wonder why we nenver left any valuables, that answer Jesselina might unlock in due time" For once my parents hid something from me
  4. Scene: A year later, in time of drought
  5. "I'm telling you Jessie, that boy is gonna propose to you" my aunt Milda said, she was reffering to John, who happened to be my lover for nearly 2 years "Don't get your hopes auntie, we just happen to like each other's company" I said
  6. My cousin Ashley was comig toward us with glasses of homemade lemonade, she was 5 months pregnant, and showing "Is she still talking about you and John, frankly you know I don't like him, and i think he isn't right for you, but just follow your heart" "Oh for heavensake, i'm ok, you two, just the way I am" with that thy stopped talking about my love life and onto something important "When is this drought going to end, we are losing citizens every hour" "I don't know,this drought feels different like it's waiting for something" aunt Milda said "Auntie, I'm going to visit Courtney before it gets dark" "Ok, be back before dark"
  7. I was going to Courtney's house, buut I decide to take the road through the park. I was happily walking when I saw a couple kissing "aww" I said, they stopped and looked at me, to my surprise it was John and Courtney "J-j-john" I stuttered, my eyes were teary stained, but anger replaced that "Jessie" they both said. I just looked at them up and down, and left without a word
  8. I came back home "Oh you're back home" my aunt and cousin said "Jessie you look pale" "H-he was kissing Courtney" i said, this time tears falling, they gasped "Oh Jessie" "That no good b------, and that stinking man eater, i'm going to teach them a lesson about making my cousin cry" I was upset I cried, "Telegram" a male said, he saw me and handed me the paper.I opened it and gasped
  9. "What is it" my aunt said, i handed her, she read "You are cordially invited to John Wesley and Courtney Magging's Wedding" I ran to my room and cried, as if on cue rain started falling for the first time
  10. That's end of part 2, but part 3 is the beginnig so stay tuned, the other 2 parts were just a formality

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