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  • Aaron :O oy.. Unexpected twist there... Loved it! XD what I want to happen? Umm I'm not sure, let me get back to you on that XP Favorite color: indigo :D why? Because it combines purple and blue, both colors that Iike ^^

  • I'm not really sure what should happen I will leave it up to you. Fav color dark Purple, dark blue, black Why? Cause I like dark colors and they all go good together so yea, (great quiz btw)

  • I love your quizzes so much! :D

  • Love the quiz! xD I hate drama...

    Favorit e color: Blue Why: IDK I just like it! It's the color of the sky, water, jeans...it looks good on me.

  • omfg i didn't know I was in your series, lol. Well, thank you for including me. xx


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