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You think it will be anordinary day.Until thst tiny noise happens. You go check it out. What do you expect from there? You just think a pipe is loose. But there is a way bigger story.

Will you uncover the secret to this mystrious mystery full of suspence and thrills? Can you predicte what is going on or what is next? Well, find out by taking this quiz for me!

Created by: wolf75677
  1. youhear a noise in the atticand walk up there.
  2. You turn around and pick up a flashlight and turn it on. You see the end of a body run to somewhere but fully can't tell what it is.
  3. You walkto were you saw it and feel ahand on your shoukder grasp firmly.
  4. You turn around and see your friend.
  5. You run in the bathroom to to tak a crap. Before you do, a ghost like figure appears behind youin the mirror.
  6. Stick around for part 2!
  7. Well so howda like?No effect.
  8. Well so howda like?No effect.
  9. Okie.
  10. It is yeah, not yea or ya.

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