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  • this test doesnt make any sense, you get a higher percent when you have more shoes. My response would be it doesnt matter how many shoes you have to be a sneaker head because its more than just owning shoes. Its about the history of the shoes, and colorways. This test obviously was made by someone who is not a sneakerhead and was made to benefit himself

    Zachary Lindsey
  • Wow obviously this person isint a sneakerhead, Not all of these questions actually do relate to if your in the true sneaker culture or not. And yet Im a 53% sneakerhead according to this test. "Sneakerhead" in this persons mind is way off.

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  • im pretty sure the person who made this isnt a sneakerhead either or he wouldnt be asking about shoes tht no body wears

  • I'm not sure what sneakerhead means anymore. I thought it meant someone who collects sneakers and wants to know as much as possible about them.

    I helped with the website " ," and own over 800 pairs dating back to the late 1940s. I'll buy vintage sneakers (used and deadstock) for upwards of $200.

    Yet, I'm a 39% sneakerhead. I'm not a big Nike fan. I have some, but most of mine are CVO, slip-on, Converse (Skid Grip, Chucks), Vans, Mens Keds, Urban Outfitters, etc. My favorite of all time sneakers is the Men's Keds Surfer (1966 - 1972) in denim CVO and slip-on.


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