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  • Interesting plot and stays true to the PuffBall way... I like the thing about family you put :3 like angelic said, more parts! (oh yeah, and don't quit soon XP) oh, one little thing, in the future, could you split up the long paragraphs into a couple smaller ones... just a request... OH one more thing, WHERE'S THE MANGOES?

  • Hm, I hope you like constructive cryticism, 'cause that's what I'm gonna give you. I love the plot, but I thought your writing was a little incohorent... Or maybe, it's just me who's incredibly retarded today. Seriously. I was just watching John Carter, I didn't understand a word of what they were saying, planning, yelling, whatever.

    But as I said, I loved the plot :>

  • *sniffles* bye bye Edmund miss you, and Hello Another Story it's really great i likee *murmers words* so he's 17 now k. More parts! You better not quit this one

  • @Twisted_Roots thanks. Sorry about that. Im not that big on the long car or plane ride and stuff... but sure i'll put some mushy mushy stuff :P

  • i think it's really good! it goes a little fast, but hey :) is this going to be a love story? becuase that would be great :) it's good! keep writing :)


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