So what do you think? Fine? Tell what should I do (or give me opinions and options) in the comments please. Or rate. I'm not doing the Mer Prophecy anymore, neither am I going to do fearless. This is an all new slate. :P any way thanks. That is pretty much the announcement. Small, but just wanted to tell.

So what do you think? Fine? Tell what should I do (or give me opinions and options) in the comments please. Or rate. I'm not doing the Mer Prophecy anymore, neither am I going to do fearless. This is an all new slate. :P any way thanks. That is pretty much the announcement. Small, but just wanted to tell. PuffHanger yes . I forgot to put it in the end. sorry

Created by: PuffBall

  1. YOU DO NOT NEED TO READ: Well this is a quiz series. Basically, the main character, Paris, comes from a poor family but ran off to live alone at age 15 from reasons and does a stripper club to pay the bills. She is beautiful (correction, over HOT) talented in dancing, and very very smart in school and is soon going to one of the top 20 colleges/universities after summer. It's still summer of course. But then she comes home after her 18th birthday to find 4 people saying she is one of the last 5 magical beings and need to join to defeat this evil (I still am trying to come up with this magical world) : Jacob. Oh and of course the drama and blood.
  2. I fumbled with the lock, but when I got it I went straight to my armor. Don't ask me why I called it armor in the first place, but it feels like a better word than stripper cloths. "Oh, how are you?" I turned around to see my best friend. I smiled at myself for freaking out. "Hey Jade," I said to her as I turned around and took off my casual girls' underwear into my awesome armor. "Paris, listen to me closely; are you ready?" I rose up my eyebrow, "We all are always ready silly, and it's our job," She's still saying this with her low creepy voice, oh god what is wrong with this chick. "No, I meant; are you ready for your birthday?" I laughed, "It's just a birthday not world war three. Oh yea, you ready for this? I trained all night, harder than ever before!" I crashed on the white floor, criss-crossed-apple-sauced style, and Jade soon joined me. She rolled her eyes, "Ok point taken, but it is tomorrow." I nodded and took out the cards to play which we do right before we go, "But I still have to work," She smiled; and the idea for my surprise to be at work... well, at least I'm still surrounded by my family. Now I feel excited. **TIME FORWARD** I came out of the room and looked to my right to see Beatrice coming out also. "Hey Tris, do you know what time it is?" "11:03 PM," "Thanks," She smiled and walked off. Ok, so I got 57 more minutes till I finally go. "OH MY GOD, PARIS!" Jade almost threw me off the ground, "What?" She looked around as if someone would come out and tackle us or something...or...- A NINJA! "You know we girls are awesome dancers and you the most. And of course we showed to boss but he was like; omg that was awesome, but I'd have to put this up sometime where there is no chance on booings. But you know boss is actually letting us do one TONIGHT! He just sent me off to tell everyone," I was shocked at first, but then I was jumping up and down. YES! "When?" And soon enough I'm here on stage ready to dance and live through the music. The men that weren't in the rooms were wolf whistling and looking at places on us that most girls would be super uncomfortable for- The music coursed through my veins.
  3. **ZACH P.O.V** "Are you completely sure this is where she is right now," Jason asked as he turned to Damon. "Do you doubt my powers?" I shook my head; here we go again. "Ok you know what a good idea is? We hide, and then stalk her to where she slumbers and then we talk to her tomorrow night. She doesn't have work the whole week after her birthday! And at least we give her a normal life on her big 18th." "Oceana has a point," I yelled when Damon and Jason didn't hear over their argument; now that got them shushed. They nodded and we hide in the shadows. We still have a lot of work to do if we want to get rid of Jacob. My eyes wandered through a window next to me. But then I thought I saw her. And I think I'm going to have troubles keeping my heart. But I think she already took it with her kind calm eyes. I exhaled into a sigh. She was a beauty alright.
  4. **PARIS P.O.V** How it feels like being 18? – I'm proud. I mean it's weird, yes, but come on; I made it all this way and at least for nothing! The party was WONDERFUL, and I ate free food! Still had to do work though, and today I had zero men that were jerks. (Of course they don't know my actual age) I ate a piece of my very low fat cookie when I unlocked the door of my very old, cheap, but pleasant apartment. I closed the door behind me and looked blindly for the lights. My eyes widened and stopped myself from turning around when I heard a cough. I'm strong and deadly yes, but am I a master of martial arts; uh, no! I turned around to see four people. But I really thought about their front up personalities. A kid about around 14 or something was eating chips. Another guy, but around my age, sat next to him, but was talking to this other guy in the same age as well. A girl that was about the same age as well just laid on the floor with her eyes on me. So I kept calm and asked; "Why are you strangers here in MY apartment," The others turned to me. I felt awkward as I ate another cookie. The kid cleared his throat and pointed to himself; "Hello, my name is Jason," he then pointed to the guy next to him and then so on, "this is Damon, Zach, and Oceana," I narrowed my eyes, "You still haven't answered my question," I ate another cookie, "Well," Damon began and got into a more comfortable position on MY couch. "How do I put this? You see back then there were humans, and there were magical beings that blended in. Some were bad and some were good depending on how they used their powers. So for a long, long time everything was peaceful until like during between the world wars. So the evil magical being's plan backfired and killed a lot of magical beings. Very few were left in the world and especially his son. And his son had another son which we now must defeat because he is planning to eliminate the humans like his past ancestors. So our parents prepared us, but somehow your family and you somehow don't know about this so... Oh, and we're the last five good magical beings. The others are actually in the other side and joined. So we're here now hoping you to join us. And if not then, well hopefully you will not say no because then the whole world might go into chaos again, but only more and more blood and bad decisions." I was trying to take this in when I went in the kitchen and threw away the trash. "Ok, I believed in this stuff for a long time. But still, you need to prove the power thing and then I will join you," I don't know but I'm still in love with fantasies and magic and all those books I still read in Barnes & Noble's. And somehow I'm fine with this, a little excited, a little dumbfounded that this is happening to me, and a little scared. When I came back to the mini living room, Oceana was sitting smiling, "Ok," she said, "So there is witches, mermaids, vampires, were animals, fairies, messengers, and just human beings that have the ability to do abnormal stuff. Oh and fairies can control an element, ok actually I'll talk about that later. The other magical beings are back in this other planet/universe, or never mind. So I'm the only witch that is good at least. But it's more like "˜The Secret Circle' show and "˜The Vampire Diaries' combined, which is weird. Well if you watch the shows you'll know why. We don't know what you are, but we both can feel that magic familiarity off you. Jason here is a werewolf and element controller, Damon has the powers of reading minds and telekinesis, and Zach is half vampire. Oh yea I just wanted to tell you about this because I thought we didn't explain that much to you. Magical beings can bond with humans or other magical beings. That's how these things happen. So it's either I magically open the door or stop you from walking, because I'm tired. Don't blame it on me but these doofuses were watching this movie and it was loud! I couldn't even turn it off because I enchanted it and forgot to take it off when it was off,"
  5. I rolled my eyes and got ready from the door. I shook my head, "Ready?" Oceana looked at me like I was the one who was crazy. "For what?" I ran as fast as I can and right before I gave her my deadly tackle I heard her scream the magical word-haha- stop. It hurt. My face was on the ground and I was squeezing my brain trying to get the ringing stop. "Oh sweet jesu$! Paris! Are you ok?" Oceana looked at me wide eyed. "Whoa," I gasped, ok so this is real? YES! Gosh for a second there I thought I had to call the police. She laughed, "Ok you're ok. The thing is; do you believe us now?" I nodded slowly, but by now my shoulders are the only ones hurting. "Yea, defiantly, but one more thing to ask you," I wobbled up the wall and stood up straight when I thought of the question more. "What am I going to do when people that care for me at work find that I'm missing? Everyone will ask and especially my BEST friend; they will defiantly want to know where I'm staying, where I'm going, and defiantly the work I'm going to go after. And they know me way too well." Jason huffed, "Hmm, never thought they would care that way," I glared at him, "My boss is like a brother and the others are like my sisters, especially Jade. So what on earth am I going to do?" Oceana was already calmed down and stood up, "You should tell them the truth!" everyone starred at her, but I should, I want to, "I mean of course not tell them about the WHOLE truth, but just like ummm... Like; it's very important and it's a life and death decision! I have some awesome work there, but..ummm... Paris is it ok that you just tell them that a very good school that out ranks the one that you were deciding to go and there is a high level work there too?" I shook my head; I don't like this at all. Lying to Jade is like lying to me! But I had to do it. "Ok fine, I'll do it. Wait...oh god. What about college, and universities, and...and my life. What am I going to do? If this takes more than summer time, then where am I going to go after this? I'll just live on the streets like my family all over again! I CANNOT go back there!" I shook my head, that's a major problem. This is going to be a major choice if I do go and save the world. I mean it will be a piece of cake right. Just go up and show our powers and job well done. Ok, but still... "You don't need to worry about a thing. We are magical aren't we? So of course we get unlimited stuff, food, shelter, money, and knowledge. We will tell you later but you don't need to worry about even going. It's all right!" Jason said. I nodded calming down. "So, where do I go?" Oceana giggled, "Oh you'll love it!"
  6. I was done and ready for bed, but then I thought I should explore first and learn about this wonderful mansion. And I did. I discovered the indoor and outer pool, the mini library with books filed with tons of knowledge about the magic and stuff, the kitchen, the living room, the hot tub in MY bathroom, the back yard (or should I say field), and of course sought out that Oceana's bedroom was on my left and the others were upstairs. Well, of course I didn't go in their rooms, they had little signs with their names on it. I was in the living room when my eyes were about to not take it any longer. Ugh, this happened to me once; I didn't want to sleep but then suddenly going into an unexpected dream. I woke up the next day wondering how many centuries have passed, and at least I was six. Oh I shouldn't have stayed up! I started speed walking to my room when I then found myself instead in the library. I can literally feel my body shut down. Awe, now I regret not sleeping for three days now. I fumbled with the shelves for support and maybe have found myself in the center of the library, or somewhere? My legs gave up and I made a gigantic wall of books fall. I was sprawled on the floor, my eyes fluttering, and right before I went to my deep sleep I think I saw Damon shouting my name in the distance. Yep, I am so not going to stay up again.
  7. **DAMON P.O.V** I was looking out of my window up to the moon and stars that were shinning from above, when I suddenly heard some mumbling. What? I walked out of the room and heard the mumbling again. When I was close enough I recognized it was Paris mumbling something and moving towards the library. The moonlight made her skin glow as she stumbled in. Was she alright? She disappeared in the shadows. I was about to go inside and make my presence acknowledged when I heard a massive crash of books falling down. Uh-oh. I rushed inside yelling for Paris until I got to her and noticed she couldn't hear a thing. She was sprawled on the floor with her perfect legs under a pile of books. I made the books float away and I got on my knee and lifted Paris's plump precious body. "What happened?" Zach asked as he looked over at the mess. I shrugged my shoulders. "She tripped?" But how did she get that well knocked out? - Ocean soon joined us with a very dazed Jason, complaining. **PARIS'S P.O.V** I opened my eyes to see Zach on a chair on a very weird position and with a pillow in his face. Wait a second. Didn't I bring... I walked across the room (and I must say, almost fainted when I saw how big it was) to look in my little luggage bag. I brought my water bottle out and took the cap off. I giggled. I splashed the water on him and ran in the closet. Zach was already up looking all over the place wide eyed. I couldn't help it; I started laughing. He narrowed his eyes and walked over towards where I was hiding. "Hehe, um, woooops?" I said when he opened the doors and crossed his arms. But he just walked away to my bed. I sighed; oh no. "OCEANA!!!!!!" I yelled for, I was scared out of my mind. No way will I get dumped with those pillows. I ran when he paused and found a very good pillow to throw. I met Oceana in the hallway, "What?" She asked with a breath. I kept running. "ZACH IS TRYING TO KILL ME!!!" I suddenly found myself running through the stairs and then sitting in the kitchen closet. Wait, how did I do it that fast. But I didn't think about it when I saw Zach was INFRONT OF ME!!! My heart sunk. I buried my head in my arms, "Just please don't tickle me," "Paris, I think you just used speed," Wait, what? I looked up at him, but still got tackled by his tickly hands.
  8. "So today were going to test your skills. To see what are you. We still don't know if you're a vampire or not. But we must test all. K?" I nodded. "So, how does this work?"I asked. "I could read minds, so I could still unlock something called the Syrenix which is like a safety box locked in your brain which tells me what your power or just exactly what are you. But it also unlocks all your memories so it's either that or we could test you all day, but without looking into your personal life," Ok? I shrugged, "I want to get this over with. I don't really care; just tap into that Syrenix box, will ya?" I really didn't care. I guess I've been exposed almost all my time in my life that I don't really care how personal this was, either physically or emotionally. "Are you sure?" Jason asked as he sat next to me. "Yea, are you? It's really personal!" "Well of course, it's just my memories. I'm fine. So, what do I do?" I turned to Damon and waited for a reply. "Just relax, close your eyes, and think about emotional day of your life and I'll just try to tap it in when it gets to the climax," What? "Um, ok, here It goes," I closed my eyes. The most emotional day of my life. Hm, well that's easy. It was the day I left. Not the most regular good bye. I started to tear up to even think about it. **MEMORIE** I watched the clouds roll bye all day. The sun was setting and it was now twilight; a beautiful blue. I sighed, my mother was coming at eleven, but my father isn't home. He was supposed to have a half day today at work. I needed to tell him something, which he would be very mad at my brother. Well step brother I must say, I am the one who was adopted. I heard a loud knock coming from the door that was right next to me, right next to where I slept. I grabbed the door and swung it open. It was my father, ugh, finally. I was about to think my birthday was going to be all horrible this time. I turned around, and just twelve feet away laid my brother, bored as ever. I gulped a lot of air and said it as fast I could possibly can, "Albertaccedentlybrokeyourfavoritemuisc, theweddingphoto,andstoletwentbucksbecausesomekidbulliedhimorsomething." I turned around and gasped on what I have done. My father had such a hot temper, and also reckless. Tonight he had to choose to be the most. His eyes looked wild and he moved every second. He walked up to me, well tried to and asked; "All you said, is it true?" My heart started beating fast and I fell on the ground. "IS THAT TRUE?!" His voice was off as well. I was terrified, my eyes started to blur and my fingers grabbed my brother's hand. His hand quivered as well. Silence stood between us and my father's fists formed. I searched in my mind for a way out of a fast, strong, and drunk man. He yelled and charged at us, and I ducked, slid, and zoomed under him. I was holding the door knob when he turned around. I think the doctor's word if he measured my heart rate was: shock. Oh thank god this was just a twelve by twelve apartment/room. I opened the door, took the two thousand bucks hidden in the wall, and ran as fast as I could with my fourteen year old brother. The cool air of February hit my face hard and cold. My eyelashes were wet, I was hiccupping, and we were running nonstop as far as we could. We slowed down and pulled a taxi for the airport. I was squeezing the life out of him. Trying to make him stop crying, but it was no use for me no bigger role model. "I-I love you so much," I whispered in his ear. "Um, what happened?" The @ss of a driver asked. I smiled, "We were at our mother's funeral and my father planned to meet us at the airport with our luggage. We both just wanted some peace time with each other," "Ah," the driver then stopped, "here, is this the place?" I nodded. "Come on," I whispered, "We need to go," My brother and I found the two cheapest tickets, and sadly his were to Australia, and mine were to California. And he was leaving now. "Passengers may now come aboard," a woman announced. I wasn't crying anymore and neither did Albert. Look I said, my eyes getting a little soft, "Ok punk you are going to be fine. We both are. So you better be strong and smart. "˜What is family? Think about it. They are the people who claimed you. In good, in bad, in parts or in whole, they were the ones who showed up, who stayed in there, regardless. It wasn't just about blood relations or shared chromosomes, but something wider, bigger. We had many families over time. Our family of origin, the family we created, as well the groups you moved through while all of this is happening: friends, lovers, sometimes even strangers. None of them are perfect, and we couldn't expect them to be. You couldn't make any one person your world. The trick was to take what each could give you and build a world from it.' So you better make friends, you better make a new family. And you better find another sister or especially a brother. So go. Go to your new adventure," When he didn't move I punched him and laughed, "You are so weird," he laughed again and began to walk away. I turned around and didn't dare to look back. But I cried.
  9. "Did you get it?" I asked as I opened my eyes. Damon nodded, "Yep you're a fire fairy and one fourth vampire. The rest is human," I made a "˜not bad' face. "Yay! Ok when d I start to train to be good at this. I mean I don't feel anything behind my back," Ocean plopped next to me, "And that you leave with me! When you get with your magical side, you'd have to be familiar on doing magic itself. So come on!" I ran out right behind her. The sun was high up in the air, beating the crap out of me of course. "So, what do we do now?" I asked when we were just sitting, staring at each other. "Hmmmm, well do you have to do some magic for a little longer than speeding away from Zach's tickles. Like creating fire each day for about a week, or instead fire you could just speed," Nah, I would like fire instead. "Fire?" Oceana nodded, "Alrighty then, close your eyes and try to feel life or something. Well, in my case I just focus my energy of emotion to do the trick. So you could do that also," Huh, never tried that before, only calming myself down of course. I closed my eyes and focused on my energy to flow through my hands? I guess that's where the fire comes, I mean, it doesn't come from our eyes, does it? Oh well! OKAY? I could have sworn I could have felt everything. Ugh, this is going into my head. Now Paris, concentrate. I breathed in and out and soon I may have felt at peace. I now started directing my "˜energy' into my hands I guess. Well at least thinking of it. "Heyyy, you're doing it!" I opened my eyes to see my right hand what looks like holding a floating fire ball, or something. But it went away when we both started jumping up and down. "Now you just have to do it daily, you'll get better at it and you might feel a slight pain in your back." "Mmm-hm!"
  10. So what do you think? Fine? Tell what should I do (or give me opinions and options) in the comments please. Or rate. I'm not doing the Mer Prophecy anymore, neither am I going to do fearless. This is an all new slate. :P any way thanks. That is pretty much the announcement. Small, but just wanted to tell.

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