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Genius people are the examples of extraordinary aspects of man's society. They have the capability to face any sort of problems placed before their path.

Do you think you are among those who tend to make a victory over their problems. Do you tend to be a genius? Are you able to solve these problems? Give it your best try and you will know.

Created by: Sagun Pandey

  1. Which country is called the "Playground of Europe"?
  2. The Caspian Sea is the world largest lake. Which is the second largest?
  3. Which is the oldest University in the U.S.A?
  4. For how long can a snail sleep?
  5. Who said : "Everytime a child is born, it brings with it a hope that god is not yet disappointed with man."?
  6. Where was the first Asian Games held?
  7. Which planet in our Solar System has five main moons?
  8. What is the average normal blood pressure?
  9. Which day of the year is United Nations Human Right Day?
  10. Which bird eats stone and even pieces of iron?
  11. At what speed does the earth rotate?
  12. Which acid dissolves Gold?
  13. Which modern sport was earlier known as "whiff-whaff" or "gosssima"?
  14. Who was Aesculapius in Roman myth?
  15. Which vitamin enhances absorption of calcium?

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