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  • @Fiery_Soul

    Fun-Fa ct: Did you know, Celina and Monique DeJesus are actually real! They are my best friends in real life, and I just decided to put them in my story because they are awesome friends! :D

    Another Fun-Fact: Celina feels the same way about Zayn, and if you two ever get in an argument about who will Zayn love the most, you two will end up in a catfight. Just saying. :P

  • *glares at Celina* Hoe, get off my man!!!! >:(

    ...Well, at least I got to dance with Harry. He'd be my second choice. I don't know how to feel at this point. :S

  • blah!! Harry kissed me!!! ewe!! It was better when Niall did!! :D D:


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