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  • -Name: Toby Smith (yes, she is a girl)

    -Looks: Long dark brown wavy hair with green tips, slightly tanned skin (very slightly), Green eyes.

    -Personality : Carefree, good sense of humor, funny, serious when needed, easy going, clumsy at times, can be silly and childish in a funny and cute way.

    -Scared of being left alone in the dark.

    -Loves music, movies and games, eating snacks (like chocolate, chips, candy, oreos etc.)

    -Dislikes wearing skirts and dresses, high-heels, to much make-up and being girly.

    -Favourite One Direction member is Niall Horan.

    -18 years old, birthday on Aprils fools day. Born and grown up in Lancaster, England.

    -Loves the color green.

    -Her goal is to always be happy and make everyone around her smile and be happy.

    ~Hope that's enough information on Toby!~
    Ora nge_Juice

  • is obsessed over Niall

  • Name-Tara Conyers
    Looks- long brown hair, light skin. blue eyes

    personality-f un, loveable, loves one direction, favorite member is Niall and loves animals

    Extra-born in Florida, US and is 19

  • Name: Savanah Abernathy

    Looks: Long, brown hair, light skin, Blue eyes, has a heart shaped birthmark below her left eye

    Personality: Shy, funny, smart

    Extra Info: She's 19, from Toronto, Canada, likes Tea.

  • put me in it my name is natasha


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