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Hello! Welcome to the world of Wings Of Fire. In this quiz, you will be presented by a few.. gentlemen. See, the entire point of this quiz is to find love an all that, but really, just do it for fun.

Now, I did forget to add something in this quiz. That was the result of Nobody. Meaning you just like nobody. And so I apologize again, I will remember that in the future. Just keep in mind with neutral sayings such as they seem nice or friendly, the answer may not be clear in the end. Anyway, this takes place at Jade Mountain Academy! You are a new dragonet here and is ready to learn! Hope your peers are nice, and have fun on this quiz, or at least I hope you enjoy this quiz.

Created by: Swanstar
  1. It's your first day at Jade Mountain Academy! Now, nobody knows you there, so make yourself presentable! Now, what kind of dragon are you?
  2. Now, choose your own name for this story. If you wish to, you can use a name from the list below.
  3. Now that your character exists, lets get going! {It is currently morning, your first day at Jade Mountain Academy.} You walk in, following a make-shift map your older sister had given you, even though you already have one. It's the 13th year they have been doing this, and you feel pretty confident. You find your dorm after what feels like ages. Your roommate is sitting on the floor. "Oh, hello!" She looks up from the scroll she was reading.
  4. "Well, my name is Quail," she says. You notice she's a SkyWing. "Oh, well, my name is (Insert Name), can you show me where.."
  5. {If you chose to know where the library is, answer this question. If not, go to next question.} "Oh, sure, I can show you where the library is!" You follow Quail to the library. There, a SandWing is busy reading a scroll. You shrug and get a scroll. The SandWing comes up, "Hi, my name is Glare, what's yours?" "Oh, my name is (Insert Name).." "Oh, nice name. What are scrolls are you interested in?" You begin to make an opinion on the dragon..
  6. {If you chose to know where the training room is on question 4, please continue with this question. Go to the next question is not.} Quail leads you to the training room, "And this is where we learn to combat!" She leaves you. You see an IceWing busy with a dummy in the center. He notices you at the door an walks up. "What brings you here?" His scales glittered in the light of the lamps lining the room. "Oh, just curious about this place," you reply. "Oh, well the name's Iceberg. How about we go train?" You begin to form an opinion on him.
  7. {If you chose to know where the dining hall is on question 4, please continue with this question. Go to the next question if not.} "And here's the dining hall," Quail nods to you, then leaves. A RainWing and MudWing were chatting to each other. The RainWing notices you, "Hey you! Over there!" He calls. You go over. "The name is Lemon and this is Dust." "Hello." The MudWing nods. "Oh, well, my name is (Insert Name)." You form an opinion on both.
  8. Suddenly, you hear a bell that echo's throughout the entire school. You turn your head, confused. You head to your dorm, except you become lost. A NightWing was in the middle of the hallway. "Whoa!" You had almost bumped into him. "Sorry.." You say. "It's okay. I'm Whisperingstars. Need any help in finding your dorm room?" "Oh, yes, thanks.." You form an opinion on him.
  9. You finally find your dorm and thank the dragon again. Turns out that is was break-time until first period. You have history! You grab your things for history. You grab the map you had dropped on the floor and began to head towards history. Once you make it there, you realize you are early. Webs was busy preparing for the day when you notice a SeaWing. The SeaWing spots you and walks towards you. "Hello, my name is Otter." He smiles. "Oh, hi, my name is (Insert Name)." "Oh, cool. Well, do you want to sit by me in the front?" "Sure." You begin to form an opinion on him.
  10. {Time-skip to the end of the day} You are sitting quietly in your dorm room. Quail wasn't in the dorm with you. You were sitting on the bed she had shown to you before bringing you to any place. You feel tired. It has been a long day. You fall asleep and dream of..
  11. Well then, that is the end of this short quiz! I made a mistake I only realize now. And sadly, I have just finished making this quiz. I forgot to add the result of Nobody. Please keep this in note, I will remember it in the future!

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