7minutes in hell :)

welcome to the party where everything isnt so normal here at night and when you play 7 minutes in hell the name gives it away hell is how the game feel and how you well feel after playing this fun game

i hope you like this quiz cause its fun and interesting and what you get is interesting REST IS RANDOM STUFF SO YOU DONT HAVE TO READ THIS yjsish37k7yggughvjvjdkri385gjjjhojglhnhrhyyitlkudwi67Å“hut7

Created by: fufe123

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. pick a number between 1-6
  2. whats your fave color
  3. pick a name
  4. pick a number again
  5. (dont coun) do you like it so far
  6. do you like vampiers
  7. do you like monsters
  8. well you comment
  9. well you rate
  10. bye

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